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Beyond 2017

March 9

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Civil commitment solves the conundrum: ‘How do we prevent sex offenders from reoffending?’

Sean Blackwell, Staff Writer

March 9

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Those tasked with protecting the vulnerable from sexual predators have a conundrum: How does one protect the community from a sexual predator who has completed their prison sentence but is viewed as likely to reoffend? So far,...

Safety steps on campus

Megan Swett, Editor-in-Chief

March 9

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Safety on college campuses concerns many people, from students to administrators.  This January, Dr. Clarice Ford, the interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs, hosted a “Real Talk” panel that discussed the topics...

How can universities combat a climate of sexual assault?

Michael Agbabiaka, Staff Writer

March 9

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In the past decade, the issue of sexual assault on college campuses has come to the forefront of American public discourse. Much of this attention has focused not only on the crimes themselves, but also on the way that the cases...

Art | Artist

Sean Flamand, Copy Editor

March 9

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When the time rolled around during the Academy Awards for the Best Actor prize to be handed out, most everyone watching was filled with uncertainty. It wasn’t just because this was one of the closest races of the night –...

Empathy and autonomy

Erik Thulien, Columnist

March 9

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Opposition to sexual assault is one of those easy-to-have opinions. It’s easy to go online and shred the most recent attacker for being horrible, selfish, heartless, etc. I’ve done it plenty of times, including in multiple...

It happens here

Cole Moriarty, Columnist

March 9

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It is an unfortunate truth that even if you aren’t aware of the numbers and statistics of sexual assault, its commonness stares us in the face every time we see the progress made toward helping its victims. Every office that...