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Steps to take to stay safe online

Be immune to hacking. You may be thinking, “Surely, that is not possible.” It seems like every day you hear another story about someone’s credit card numbers getting stolen, Internet scams, etc. Most of these crimes also have anonymous predators, making the situations that much more daunting.

With the hacking going on in today’s world, it seems impossible to stay safe on the Internet; however, it is possible to be immune to hacking. It all just depends on what kind of security measures you take on your computer system.

There are basic and advanced things to do that help keep you safe from hacking. It is highly suggested not to take the basic things lightly, as these basics play a big role in keeping a computer system secure.

One of the most basic things to have on a computer is Avast, a good antivirus software. Everyone knows about antivirus software, yet many do not have any antivirus software on their computer. Antivirus software is a lifesaver, because a virus can really mess up a computer; retrieving data from an infected hard drive can be significantly difficult. It is also very important to have antivirus software that is fully updated and actually works. Some antivirus soft wares fail to detect infected files or folders when they are not updated.

There is also anti-spyware software available for free, such as Super Anti Spyware. Anti-spyware software is not used by the masses; this is why it is not in either the basic or advanced category.

This type of software works the same an antivirus does, which is why many people will not bother looking into this; however, by ignoring the antispyware software, many will fail to see the importance and the difference between the two. Antispyware software is sometimes able to pick up things that an antivirus cannot, such as programs that have already been downloaded onto the computer.

One of the very advanced ways to stay safe would be to use a proxy server, although it is very difficult to set up and therefore not recommended. A good alternative is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN is not to be compared to a proxy server; however, it is little bit easier to set up. They can both be used to be completely anonymous when surfing the web. A proxy server and VPN give the computer a different IP address, and on the Internet a different IP address means a different person.

Now is all this really necessary? No.

Simply make sure that websites where you enter in your information are trustworthy. To find this out look at the first few letters in the address bar. All websites have http:// at the beginning of it and some will have https://. The only difference is one letter, s, which represents a secured site.

How about something that is even more advanced but not as complex? Computers are made to make things easier, so in this case we have software called Tor. This program helps in protecting your identity and helps makes surfing the web anonymous, and all you have to do is download it.

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