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SGA, Treadwell discuss fee increases and funds for library

SGA meet to discuss committee updates and fee increases. Jane Treadwell, Associate Professor, University Librarian and Dean of the UIS library, joined the SGA to discuss fee increases for Library Technology as well.

Students are hit hard these days with tuition and fees, Treadwell said, adding, “I know from my own college experience…that college is very expensive.”

Treadwell came to the SGA to inform them of the issue of an increase in the Library Technology Fee for students in the upcoming academic year. She reported that the UIS library currently receives 10 percent of the Library Technology Fee, whereas its sister schools, UIC and U of I Urbana-Champaign, both receive 50 percent or more of the same fee.

To address the issue, Treadwell said that the Library Committee approached the Planning and Budget Committee with a proposal asking that the library receive a larger percentage of the allotted fee. However, after they addressed the proposal, it was determined by the Provost and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), that with the current fees in place, there is not enough money coming in to re-divide the funds to give more to the library. After this overlook, it was decided that in order to increase the fees allotted to the library, a $2 increase in student Library Technology Fees will be put into place for the upcoming academic year.

Treadwell also reported that nearly all of the current proceeds of the Library Technology Fees go towards the expenses involving the subscription and upkeep of electronic resources, including, databases and electronic journal packages.

The library’s 10 percent fee allocation gives the library a little over $50,000 in fees per fee assessment period. However, library faculty has assessed that in order to maintain and expand the library in the benefit of the students; $200,000 per fee assessment period is needed. These assessments were determined through student surveys, according to Treadwell. She explained that through surveys taken in the last three to four years, students have asked that the library have more and better technology, have more and better resources, and to update the look of the library – all of which the increase in fees will help to accomplish.

In addition to this fee increase, President Ryan Bouray reported that fee increases have also been set for meal plans, housing and TRAC, in order to keep current with debt services and the economy.

In other reports, External Vice President Riley Quinlan reported that the Governmental Affairs Committee met to create an agenda for the upcoming year. At this meeting the committee also discussed the possibility of adding a veto session in order to get students to lobby.

Quinlan also reported that international students at large have been facing difficulties with the matter of running errands and travel. He said he will be working with the Office of International Student Services to help assist students with this issue.

Additionally, Quinlan and Senator-at-Large Samia Ahmad recently attained at 15 percent discount with an i-card at Smokey Bones on South Dirksen Parkway.

Treasurer Jamaal Hollins announced the SGA’s most recent campaign, “99 Problems, and You Can Fix One.” The campaign urges students to bring questions, comments, suggestions and concerns to the SGA. The cause is running through Oct. 26 and can be accessed through the SGA’s webpage at

“We’ve gotten responses, and most of them are really good responses, and I think it will give us a lot of subjects to talk about this year,” said Hollins. “A lot of these [suggestions] are really, really do-able.” Hollins added that the form takes minimal time to complete and will be directed to the student government email for review within the following week.

Hollins also reported that there is going to be a revision of the Committee of Programming. Within the new committee, board members will work toward matters of moving the SGA forward through new technology and campaigns. More information is to come.

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