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SGA passes Resolution 28: Preferred name policy


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The SGA voted yes on Resolution 28 – the resolution that would allow students to provide a preferred name on academic and financial records through the UIS campus.

Currently there are 75 other universities across the nation, including nine ‘Big Ten’ institutions that have this preferred name policy implemented on their campuses.

SGA Senator Michael Lotspeich, who spearheaded the resolution, said it is an “accommodation for the minority, to benefit the majority.”

Lotspeich said now that the resolution has passed, he plans to join together with UIUC and UIC to “see what happens…then [meet] with the Cross-Functional Information Technology Priorities Committee group on May 19.”

Resolution 28 will allow for the use of a preferred name on DARSweb, grade reports, advisee lists, unofficial transcripts, class rosters, library sign-out, directory listings, and similar university documents.  Legal names will still be required for student accounts, financial aid, official transcripts and other outside forms.

Of the resolution’s passing, Lotspeich said it will bring the University of Illinois “up-to-speed” with comparable research and ‘Big 10’ institution by demonstrating seriousness regarding diversity.

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