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Desktop or laptop?

People like to complain about their computers. “It runs too slowly,” “It doesn’t work the way it should.” Having a Computer Technical Support Certificate all of my friends come to me for help with any and all computer related issues. There have been multiple times where I have seen some of them sit in front of their computer and just want to smash it because it takes forever to start up.  Of course, I try to help them out with their issues, but there is only so much that can be done to have a computer run faster without having to spend extra money on it. This leaves them wondering why they bought this computer in the first place.

It comes down to what’s the better choice: a laptop or a desktop. It may seem like an easy choice, but unless you really want to sit in front of your computer screaming at it and pulling your hair out, please follow along.  Most people are leaning towards laptops or tablets when looking to buy a new computer, but what they do not take in consideration is that laptops and tablets are made mainly for mobility and ease of access.

Mobility and ease of access are both great things to think about when buying a new computer, but what most people do not think about is how they will be using it.  Multitasking on a tablet is not really the best idea, nor is thinking that a tablet can be used as a normal computer. Tablets do not come with big enough hard drives to store that much data, and it is not possible to type very efficiently on a tablet without having to buy an external keyboard (which can cost about $50 extra). Another down side to tablets is the lack of support for programs including Microsoft Word.

Now let’s look at laptops, as these are probably the most common type of computers used today.  Most people would agree laptops are really the best of both worlds because they have good performance, can support any and all applications available in the market, and provide good mobility due to battery power.

These days, everything is possible on a laptop, from editing pictures to creating word documents, watching movies, and playing online games.  How well a laptop can perform these tasks is the big question.  The one big reason why a laptop may not be the best option is games.

Students need time to relax, and if playing games is how you do that, then a desktop is the better choice.

Some people may argue that it is possible to play games on a laptop and yes, that is true, but my argument here is not that a laptop cannot handle gaming. Rather, that a laptop cannot handle it as well as a desktop can.

If you play a game once a week just to relax and to get your mind off of all the work you have just completed and the game freezes up, well then so much for relaxing.  It is possible to get a laptop that has good performance, but it comes with a price tag to match, and for the same price it is possible to get a desktop that has double the performance.

Laptops are made for an average computer user not a gamer, unless of course you are ready to pay the high price for more performance, which I believe would just be a waste of money.

When it comes to performance, desktops are the best things out there right now, and they are cheaper than ever.  A high performance desktop is available for around $700; you just need to look in the right place. Compare this to a high performance laptop, which costs about the same price, if not more, and would not provide the same amount of performance as a desktop would.

Desktops are great for everything from writing papers to playing games, though there really is not room for mobility with desktops, which is really their only downfall.  One really good thing about a desktop is that anything can be used for a monitor. This means your monitor can be a 55 in. television. Imagine sitting on the couch with a wireless keyboard and mouse (which you can purchase for about $20). This saves money because there is no need to go out and buy a monitor.

Desktops will now usually come with 1TB hard drive, which is double the size of a normal laptop’s hard drive at 500GB. With desktops, if there is ever a hardware issue, it is much easier to fix it as opposed to a laptop.  Because desktops are big, they tend to heat up less because there is more room for the air to travel in and out. On laptops everything is crammed in together so there is way less room for air to travel and have a higher potential for overheating problems. If this happens, it can also damage the other parts around it.

The choice is yours, do you want to buy a computer because it looks pretty or do you want to buy a computer that can give more performance for the same price, or even less?

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