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Letter to the editor

In response to Julia Brown’s column, in the Sept. 11 issue of The Journal, titled, The bathroom blues: Paper towels, waste and germs:

I thanked Julie Brown for bringing this issue to my attention.  I informed her that our initial solution will be to have our carpenters redistribute the existing paper towel dispensers that are working and make sure that we have at least one dispenser in every restroom.  The redistribution of paper towel dispensers by our carpenters was accomplished last Friday, Sept. 20.

Secondarily, since we have had issues with this specific manufacturer’s model, we will investigate a different make and model and hopefully find replacement paper towel dispensers that we will be able to retrofit into the existing “units” within each restroom.  As soon as we determine the correct solution, we will install new paper towel dispensers, where we presently have non-functioning units.

David T. Barrows

Associate Chancellor of Administrative Affairs

Executive Director of Facilities and Services

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  1. Stan Zielinski on November 26th, 2013 5:12 pm

    The short-time students who attend UIS and then leave afterwards have no sense of history or tradition about our beloved Prairie Stars. Some out-of-state group is hired to create ridiculous images and names and expect people to praise them for their brilliant stunt; collect their check and then take off.

    The history of the Prairie Stars dates back to 1977 when we held a contest to name the SSU soccer team. Englishman, John Watts, our senior soccer official, held the winning name: Prairie Stars. I know, I was there. We were loyal supporters and proud of our soccer team for its ongoing winning tradition in NAIA; playing in post-season tournaments; playing here in Springfield as well and other locations, and even winning the NAIA national title.

    For those of you who have no idea of SSU soccer, visit the soccer stadium and view the memorial erected in honor of John Watts for his many years of service and countless contributions to our soccer community. John and his wife Marge Watts, laid out most of the fields that our YMCA youth soccer kids play on today–don’t destroy his legacy.

    Illinois sits on the “Prairie” and “Stars” represent “Winners.” How can a handful of students decide that there’s a better description for Winners? You can’t! The majority of campus residents, administration and faculty, and Springfield community are satisfied with the Prairie Stars’ name. Leave your hands off of the Prairie Stars’ name–it ain’t broke, so don’t try to fix it!

    Stan Zielinski
    UIS Student


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