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From scary to sexy: Scantily clad costumes shame Halloween

Each year, Halloween gets more disgusting. I’m not talking about the guts and gore surrounding this gruesome holiday. In fact, that doesn’t really offend me. I love the guy’s decorations this year that were so realistic his neighbors called to report a dead body. I have issues with the costumes, or lack thereof.

Since childhood, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I always loved picking out the perfect costume. However, as I grew older, I found that my favorite costume ideas were too wholesome for my age group.

Nowadays, it seems that Halloween has fallen in with everything else in this country – hypersexualized. This is evident by the fact that several different Miley Cyrus costumes are floating around.

I understand that she is very popular right now, so it makes sense that her ridiculous looks would be in favor this year. I probably wouldn’t have any issues if this were the only revealing Halloween costume on the market. Unfortunately, a majority of costumes for women seem to focus on skimpy looks.

From sexy referees and sexy vampires to foxes and even bar maidens, there is an endless supply of scanty costumes. I always find it amusing to drive past Patricia’s, the adult store in town, and see that the same costumes hanging in their front window also hang in the Halloween stores’ windows.

If there ever is a skimpy costume draught, never fear, determined women can be quite creative. I once saw a young woman turn a little boy’s fireman jacket and hat into a grown (in every sense of the word) woman’s, as she called it, “sexy firewoman costume.”

I like to call it as I see it. Leaving the house half-naked is not going out in a Halloween costume. To me, this looks like you’re going out for something else… something not so tasteful.

I’m not saying all women should dress like Puritans. It just seems that many have forgotten that you can look beautiful, sexy, and sultry without letting it all hang out. Trashy isn’t a good look on anyone at any time of year.

There are tons of fun costumes that leave plenty to the imagination. For instance, attach a card with a witty saying on it to your head to become an Internet meme. Cover your clothes in gray paint sample cards to become “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Or dress as a flapper from “The Great Gatsby.”

Speaking of books and movies, you could always go as Katniss from “The Hunger Games,” or Bella from “Twilight” (both of whom wore clothing for most of their films and still looked beautiful). My favorite costumes this year are members of “Duck Dynasty.” Who wouldn’t want to wear a beard and some comfy camo gear? Carry around a stuffed squirrel and you’re set.

I think the thing that bothers me more than adults dressing risqué for Halloween is that the trend is slowly making its way down the age spectrum. Young girls want to emulate the female role models they have in their lives. If those women are wearing revealing costumes, little girls will start doing so as well.

It doesn’t really help that the costume industry is speeding up young girls’ sexuality by offering midriff bearing, short skirted outfits – fishnets included.

I think it’s time for Halloween to go back to scaring instead of seducing. It is time to restore the dignity and honor of all women. Cover up this Halloween. Have respect for yourselves. You don’t have to be naked to get attention and gain self-esteem. Just be yourself and have fun.

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