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Two losses, a win and a rain suspension

Two losses, a win and a rain suspension

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UIS softball takes home a win against Drury and an upset loss against UMSL over the weekend.

In the beginning of the first game against Drury, UIS gave away points, making errors and allowing Drury to advance.

By the third inning, the team stepped up its game as sophomore Jordyn Amos hit a single allowing Sam Inman to grab a point for UIS.  Quickly after, sophomore Chelsea Minor hit a home run in the fourth inning which allowed UIS to quickly put points on the scoreboard.

This was followed by senior Tina Buck scoring a run after Lauren Hollinshead hit a single, permitting UIS to tie with Drury.  Drury then battled back immediately and scored another run.

While struggling to better their errors, UIS was able to keep Drury’s scoring at a minimal. However, by the sixth inning Drury was ahead of UIS by three.  In the last inning, UIS was able to score an extra point, but still lost the game with a final score of 4-7.

Junior Mandy Smith said, “Drury really benefitted off of our errors. We had more trouble than usual on defense, which Drury recognized and took advantage of.”

Into the second game against Drury, UIS struggled to score points in the beginning and allowed Drury to score three runs.

However, UIS limited the errors in the second game, which made it harder for Drury to benefit off of the errors and score.  In the fifth inning, Smith hit a single allowing Inman to score a point.

Into the seventh inning, UIS pressed forward and Amos hit a double, allowing Smith and Hollinshead to score. UIS continued to stay strong and work together. Drury didn’t score again, leaving the final score 3-2 with a win for the Prairie Stars.

“Our team came back strong and we never gave up.  Even when we were down runs the entire game, we battled back. Our goal is always to win; unfortunately we lost our first game against Drury, which hurt our moods to win,” Smith said.  “However, in our huddle before the second game Coach [Mundell] made us remember our goal to always split on the road, and that is exactly what we did.”

The following day, March 30, the softball team played another double header, but this time against Missouri S&T.

UIS struggled to gain control in the first innings, allowing Missouri S&T to score points. In the fifth inning UIS was down by five.

However, Smith was able to hit a double allowing Hollinshead to take a run and put UIS on the board.

“In our game against Missouri S&T, we started scoring late in the game which gave S&T a comfortable lead. It was a struggle for us to pressure the other team and work offensively,” Smith said.

Quickly after the first point, UIS scored two more points. Missouri S&T battled back and made two more runs in the fifth inning. UIS wasn’t able to score any more runs and gave up one more run in the sixth inning, allowing Missouri S&T to win with a final score of 3-8.

“Our biggest drawback during this game against Missouri S&T was that we were able to put players on base but not bring them home. However, during our second game we worked a lot better together and as a team,” Smith said.  “We were able to finally get the momentum we needed and started to bring players home.”

However, the Prairie Stars didn’t have a chance to make up for the loss in the second game as it was suspended in the top of the third inning due to rain.

The Prairie Stars have another set of double headers this weekend, facing off against William Jewell in Liberty, Mo. on Saturday. and Rockhurst in Kansas City Mo. on Sunday.

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