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UIS volleyball frustrating loss to Drury

UIS 1, Drury 3

UIS volleyball frustrating loss to Drury

Drury University defeated UIS volleyball in four sets, 20-25, 25-23, 24-26, 22-25.  Although the teams were pretty “even,” JoAnna Hoffman said that UIS made more mistakes than Drury and that it’s “not easy losing to an opponent you could have beat.”

The first set went to Drury with a five point lead. UIS started off the set on top with two straight points but Drury fought back to take two points to tie the match. UIS and Drury battled for the lead but Drury overpowered UIS from almost the start. Drury received four straight points to gain a 10-6 lead twice in a row. Later in the match, UIS stole four points to push the score to 19-21 but did not continue their comeback and succumbed to Drury 20-25.

The second set was a battle between both teams with the set going to UIS, 25-23. Drury had four consecutive points once in the set. UIS had four consecutive points twice, the second putting UIS at a 22-19 lead. After a stomach-twisting few points UIS ended the set on top.

UIS ended their comeback streak in the third set. Drury beat UIS in this set with a final score of 24-26. UIS took the first point and took the lead in the start of the set, Drury scored five consecutive points to take an 11-9 lead. After this UIS continued to fight, leading to a 24-24 tie. Drury then smashed the ball onto UIS’ side of the court for their first point and a UIS attack error guaranteed the win for Drury.

The final set of the game was unsuccessful for UIS. A series of four points by Drury allowed the team to take a 10-13 lead. UIS never dug themselves out of this hole, leading to a 22-25 victory for Drury.

Drury took three of the four sets for the win. This win gave Drury a record of 13-13. UIS’ record is now 6-18. There were 36 total tie scores and 17 lead changes in this exciting match. In the stands were 207 pumped up fans waiting to see the outcome of the game.

Junior Shelby Geers led UIS in total kills, tallying ten in the match. Geers also had one block in the match. Hoffman followed with eight total kills and 30 of the 39 assists.

Drury players tallied more kills than UIS, allowing them to take the win. Sophomore Laynie Timmons led Drury with 15 kills and five blocks. Sophomore Chloe Foster and freshman Kaleigh Cole followed with 12 kills.

Hoffman stated that this match was a “tough game to swallow.” She also added that the losses are becoming frustrating and that there are “five games left and we could still do big things this season.”

Hoffman added that at times the team’s communication broke down but they stayed together throughout the game as a whole. Coach Noelle Rooke stated that at times the team communicated well but “not consistently enough to help us be successful.”

Rooke also added that these losses are becoming very frustrating and it’s “not that we don’t do good things, but we don’t do them consistently” to gather wins.

Hoffman said that “on paper and positional wise we matched almost perfectly with Drury” and that the team “should have come out on top.” Rooke also stated that there were way too many mistakes on UIS’ side in the match, making a difference in the match. Rooke also added that “we had players that came off the bench that stepped up and did a really good job.”

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