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Volleyball’s five game win streak cut short


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The UIS women’s volleyball team lost twice this weekend after their five game win streak. During Saturday’s pink games the team won the first two sets and went on to lose the second two sets. Since the score was even, a fifth set had to be played. On Sunday, they were conquered in three games with no contest. The girls winning streak was snatched from them, hopefully to be returned next weekend during their way games.

Saturday’s pink game against McKendree the girls came in ready to fight. Brittnee Wojciechowski scored the first point from a kill. From there on there was no stopping them.  The first set went well and they wound up winning 25-21. They found victory again for the second set, which they won 27-25.

What happened from the second set to the third set was the team got a bit more lax, and this caused them to lose the next set 16-25. From there, they lost momentum and dropped the last two sets as well, going 15-25 and 13-15 respectively.

The top diggers of Saturday’s game were Bianca Sanchez and Ashley King both with 17 digs. This comes as no surprise though, as they are both defensive specialists. Sara Baker lead in kills with 15 and close behind her was Kellee Mahaffay with 11 kills.

According to Katie Kirschbaum, a freshman middle blocker, “the energy level was lacking.” In previous games they were completely ready. Kirschbaum also went on to say that she and the team were “not as confident.”

The skill is clearly here for this team; it is all about consistency. Whatever they were doing to get out of their first slump, they need to do more often to stay clear of this vicious up and down cycle.

On Sunday’s game, there was a chance for a fresh start, but their losing streak continued as Bellarmine defeated them in 3 sets.

In the first set UIS lead 7-3, but ended up losing the battle 20-25. In the second set was a greater loss, ending 14-25 in Bellarmine’s favor. The third game, though, showed a significant amount of fight towards a win. They still were unable to throw themselves a life jacket and save this game, they lost the third and final set 22-25.

“Both coaches work well [together],” said Kirchbaum. They have been doing all they need to do to help this very young team do what it needs to do to be successful. They respect the team and the team respects them. The problem does not lie within the coaching, but within the mindset of the players. The team needs to work on “finishing and executing towards the end of the game,” Kirchbaum continued.  Consistency is the key to success for the UIS women’s Volleyball team. This weekend made the teams record slip into an overall record of 9-14 and 1-10 in the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GVLC).

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Volleyball’s five game win streak cut short