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Softball splits double header over weekend

Cameryn Barbeau, Sports Reporters

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On March 14, UIS hosted a double header against Rockhurst. With an upsetting first loss against Rockhurst with a score of 12-9, UIS  came back in the second game and dominated with a score of 8 -0.

In the first game against Rockhurst, UIS struggled in the first inning, allowing Rockhurst to score four immediate runs.  Although into the fifth inning, UIS was trailing 5-2; however, in the sixth inning UIS got their first lead, scoring six runs.

Unfortunately, UIS was unable to keep the lead, making errors in the top of the seventh inning and allowing Rockhurst to jump ahead and score seven runs, leading UIS by 12-8

With only one run in the bottom of the seventh inning, UIS was defeated by Rockhurst in game one. Senior outfielder and pitcher Tina Buck said, “We expected to sweep our games against Rockhurst. We may have gone in a little overconfident, which definitely affected how we played in the first game.”

UIS was able to adjust their errors and better their performance in the second game.

Into the second game, UIS did not even reach the seventh inning, due to the mercy rule, as they dominated Rockhurst with a score of 8-0. The mercy rule states that if a team is ahead by eight points in the bottom of the fifth inning, the game is considered over.

Senior Pitcher Brittney Sitton said, “From first to second game we gained more control with our bats.”

UIS freshmen pitcher Cheyanne Bowman showed impressive pitching as UIS continued to show an impressive offensive performance. The game was quiet until the third inning when UIS scored five immediate runs, leading 5-0 against Rockhurst.

UIS finished the game in the bottom of the fifth inning with a score of 8-0, destroying Rockhurst and allowing a split against their competition.

UIS cut back on errors in the second game and showed tremendous improvement against Rockhurst.

Buck said, “We cut down on defensive mistakes and relaxed so much more at the plate. When we put pressure on our opponent’s defense we play better and stronger as a team.”

UIS is on the road this weekend as they play against Maryville and Missouri-St. Louis. The first game against Maryville is set for noon and the second game at 2 p.m.

Sitton said, “As long as we are focused, consistent and accountable, we’re a team that can’t be beat. We just have to keep those three characteristics at all times.”

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