Taking it Seriously: Registering for Classes

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Taking it Seriously: Registering for Classes


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That’s right, folks! It is that fantastic time of year again. The season of stress, dread and rushed appointments with advisors is back. Despite any preconceived notions students may have, registering for classes is an unavoidable task. It is no big deal, though: the worst case scenario is getting stuck with a bad class, right?

Well, unfortunately, that is not the case. Procrastination and negligence can lead to some unforeseen outcomes. Therefore, it is time to take a serious look into picking classes for next semester. Start by contacting advisors and making any necessary appointments. It is not recommended to be done last minute. UIS has some great resources available for students. There is a whole team of specialized advisors for different areas of study waiting to help.

If a student is unsure of how to begin the whole process, he or she can start by looking up his or her degree audit. Jennifer Berry, who has worked at UIS for 15 years and has officially worked as an advisor since Jan. 2017, shares some tips on what to do to prepare for the appointment. She suggests that in addition to looking up the degree audit, look through the course schedule. Students should also sort through those classes and make sure they do not have any prerequisites and consider meeting times of classes to avoid conflict. Overall, students should familiarize themselves with what is out there and what is available.

The most important part of registration is sitting down with an advisor to hash out the next semester plan. According to advisor Andy Egizi, part of his job is helping students think. Many students have no idea of where and how to start. In front of students is a great resource like Egizi, who has been doing this process for more than 28 years. Advisors are available to assist and guide students. Even if they think they have it all figured out, they should still make an appointment to run through things with someone who can offer an expert opinion.

According to Michelle Kenny, a UIS advisor since Jan 2017, delayed registration could result in students missing required classes or losing the opportunity to sign up for classes that interested them. This might not be a big deal but Kenny states that students “may not do as well if they are uninterested in the class.”

Berry also attests to the importance of registering on time. According to Berry, the most common mistake made by students is waiting until the last minute to register and then finding out that a class is unavailable. She goes on to say that there is “a certain progression of courses you need to take as prerequisites, so if you miss them, you’re waiting for another semester which can create roadblocks later on.”

Sure it may seem like a good idea to put it off until the next Netflix episode, but that is not the smartest choice. While it is highly recommended to make an appointment, if one wishes to register for classes without an advisor, Kenny recommends making a call to at least run things by the designated advisor. In most cases, according to Egizi, the biggest job requirement of an

advisor is “trying to understand what questions a student is asking, even if [they] don’t know how to ask it or that they should ask.” He says this involves “not just paying attention to what a student is saying, but what the student should be saying.”

There might be essential information missed when students skip the advisory appointment. Take the time to contact an advisor. In the worst-case scenario, students could have to pay more money and use up more time to compensate for lost courses and credits. Which could lead to graduating late. It is time to take this seriously.