Photographs courtesy of UIS LEARNING HUB

The Learning Hub is a free academic service dedicated to helping UIS students improve their collegiate skills and succeed in their studies. Although the Learning Hub offers a diverse range of help in different subjects, many students are still unaware of what exactly the Learning Hub offers and how they can help students do well in their classes.

The Learning Hub has a robust peer tutoring program offering assistance in writing, math, accounting, economics, science, computer science, and academic skills. Students are able to work with the Learning Hub’s peer tutors through one-to-one appointments both in-person and online. One of the greatest resources The Hub provides is online email appointments. Often students are unaware of this option altogether. Instead of coming to The Hub itself, students can get help from peer tutors by sending in their materials and receiving detailed help over email if they are busy and can’t make it for an in-person appointment.

The Learning Hub also offers supplemental instruction for a variety of different classes, which can be greatly beneficial for students who may need to spend more time on a particular idea or chapter that was covered in class, or those who may benefit from learning on a peer-to-peer basis. The Learning Hub also offers a collection of online writing workshops, walk-in tutoring hours, and additional academic materials available on their website and blog.

The Learning Hub’s Writer Coordinator Sarah Collins believes that “anybody can benefit from coming in to see a tutor whether you feel like you’re struggling with the material or even a pro. Professionals still seek revision and guidance. Students at UIS are still students so of course they can benefit from help.”

Interested in making an appointment or finding out more about The Learning Hub? Call (217) 206-6503 or email [email protected] for additional information!