Online Learning: A Simple Guide to Successfully Remain Organized


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During this peculiar transition into the last half of the semester, students have essentially been catapulted into taking on new beginnings. Some of these beginnings may remain similar to learning schedules that once were, while others appear extremely dissimilar. Nonetheless, as we forego our prior learning patterns and venture on to new ones, it may appear as though students have encountered a sudden loss of an organizational structure.

While awaiting emails from professors and multiple changes in deadlines and due dates, this vast shift in the course of learning can quickly become overwhelming for those who have not previously encountered such a situation –presumably, a larger chunk of them have not. While all flock to gather on Zoom or the several other miscellaneous online approaches, it may quickly become apparent that taking classes online can be a matter of organization and diligence. With this in mind, understanding the ways in which students can be successful while taking online classes can be ofsome use, especially during such odd circumstances.

One of the most significant roles of online learning is the environment which one dedicates to working. Having a dedicated workspace where one can maintain a clear head and work productively can make orbreak the online class experience. Creating a makeshift workspace will encourage productivity, as it is intended to replicate the experience of working either in the dorms, apartments or library. Understandably, not everyone is capable of rerouting and making distinct workspaces. In this instance, attempt to work in any space available to maintain balance and efficiency.

As students all divert their attention to getting acquainted withtheirnew educational routines, one of the most helpful tools is a planner. Though this is already implemented in the lives of many students, it is increasingly convenient in the realm of online classes. Since there is no professor to remind people of due dates after every meeting,anddue to the obvious lack of physical instruction, it can be much easier to become forgetful. Planners can be useful under these conditions because of their practicality ofkeeping any pressing tasks contained within one space. As students receive notice of theirmany alterations in prior syllabi objectives, they should make note of them in their planner. This will enable them to have a clear-cut visualization of what their schedule will look like and how they intend to work around that time.

Most importantly, if students find that they are notunderstanding concepts as well as they would in class, they should not hesitate to email their professors asking for clarification. There will most certainly be days where they will not understand all material provided online. Rather than lingering in confusion, reaching out to one’s professors can quickly resolve any uncertainty. Most professors will be understanding and prepared to answer questions that students may have in store.

Getting the hang of online learning can be difficult, but certainly not impossible. Attempting to make the best of an untimely situation, such as this one, can build the success of just about anyone. In this time, it is just as important to not overstress oneself, simply work to the best of one’s ability. Good luck!