Dr. Clarice Ford appointed as Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs


Dr. Clarice Ford, who has previously served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Executive Director of the Diversity Center, has been appointed as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Ford’s title is considered interim because her appointment will only last two years.  After her appointment, there will be a search process to fill the seat permanently.  Dr. Ford will be welcome to apply for the position, and, based on her performance during the interim period, may receive it.

Chancellor Susan Koch described Dr. Ford as “an experienced and dedicated student services professional who has excelled in leadership positions for over twenty years.  In order to enhance stability and progress in the Student Affairs Division, I have asked Dr. Ford to serve as Interim Vice Chancellor for a two-year period with the appointment being reviewed on an annual basis.”

When asked about what she would be doing in her new position, Dr. Ford replied “At the university [the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs is] responsible for all the student services, anything that deals with students.  So for example our axillaries such as housing, food service, recreational sports, health services, so all those services that make the student a whole student besides being in the classroom.”

The position is similar in nature to Ford’s previous position as Vice Chancellor for Student Services, which, according to the UIS website, is responsible for overseeing “Auxiliary Services, Diversity Center, LGBTQA, New Student Orientation, Parent relations and International Student Services.”

Ford believes that her experience in various positions within the UIS community will be of great benefit to her during her tenure. “I have been in this community for seven years, so I have some history and I also have some relationships with students, so that’s very important,” she commented.

When asked if she is hopeful that students are paying attention to appointments within the university administration, Dr. Ford said, “I think the students should always care about a position at the University because it is part of their community.  For me, I hope that they will see this position as an open door opportunity for them to find out ‘what do we really do on campus?  Who are we?  What do we represent?’ So yeah, I think it’s a great opportunity for students to know who is part of their community.”

According to UIS Director of Public Relations Derek Schnapp, Ford’s new salary is slated to be $140,000, pending approval from the Board of Trustees in November.  The State Journal Registrar’s database of UIS employee salaries, which was last updated in June 2013, reports previous Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Timothy Barnett’s salary was the third highest at UIS, totaling $160,680.

When asked if she was enjoying her new role, Ford replied, “Well I am.  I’ve always enjoyed Student Affairs.  I enjoy students, and I enjoy watching students grow.” Ford also seemed to be happy with the overall direction of UIS, claiming, “It’s a great time to be in this position.  It’s a great time to be at UIS.  You get to see it grow.”  Ford also added, “I’m very lucky to be in this position and to be able to be a part of the legacy of UIS.”

As listed in her biography on the university website, Ford has previously held positions in the area of Student Affairs with Youngstown State University, The Ohio State University and Berry College before coming to UIS.