Near-campus coffee shop welcomes UIS students


Photographs courtesy of Tiffany Chin

Free Press Coffee House employee examines selections on the the menu

Tiffany Chin, Photographer

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting the newly opened Free Press Coffee House. The name of the café and their menu items were inspired by a local newspaper, Pike County Free Press.

This café’s Springfield location has been open for about three weeks. It is located at 1370 Toronto Road. The café is very cozy, somewhat resembling a living room. There is a fireplace, a couch, a rack for books, and other décor that would normally be found in someone’s home.

The rack for books is actually for customers to take/leave books, which was very unique to me.

Customers can bring a book and take one or just read one at the shop. It is a great thing to encourage.

Free Press Coffee House strives to offer a place for specialty coffee and a good experience. According to the manager, they want people to feel comfortable and feel like they can spend time there.

This definitely seems like a place where people in the community can come together and get to know each other, or spend time catching up with people they already know. They offer many seating options, for those with a large number of people and those with smaller parties.

Free Press Coffee House is also a supporter of local businesses. They offer Custom Cup and other local roasters from right here in Springfield. They also feature artwork from local artists, such as David Hinds.

While I was there, I had the Cold Brew, for about $4, and a honey vanilla latte cookie, for about $2. Their prices are pretty average compared to other cafés.

The Cold Brew was refreshing and flavorful. It had very strong nutty and fruity notes to it.

The cookie smelled and looked delicious, but unfortunately was disappointing. I did not like the texture or the flavor of the cookie. I would not get the cookie again, but would definitely get the cold brew.

I am also excited to try their other drinks, such as the Italian Sodas.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this café. The style of this café is definitely suitable for students looking for a place to do homework or for people looking for a place to have a conversation over coffee.

The hours, location, and free parking are also something that I am thrilled about.

The café is about a 10-minute drive from campus and is open from 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Tiffany Chin
Free Press Coffee House coaster