Osaka offers good food, but is it worth the price?


Photographs courtesy of Tiffany Chin

This week, I was on a mission to find good sushi. I have been skeptical about trying sushi places in Springfield, but my cravings sent me on an intense search. This search led me to Osaka, a restaurant located at 1665 Wabash Avenue.  

Osaka is a hibachi grill and sushi bar that also serves Thai food. According to their website, their food is inspired by a combination of Japanese and Thai cuisine.  

The interior of the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. Upon entering, I felt as if I had been transported elsewhere. It is beautifully decorated and looks to be a very fancy place. The exterior is misleading, as it resembles any average restaurant.  

According to an employee, Daphne, the restaurant looks a lot fancier than it truly is. It is more of a casual place to eat, rather than a place for fine dining. She believes that this casual environment is created by the employees, which I did notice, as a majority of the employees were young and easy-going. I was able to walk around the restaurant, take photos, and talk to employees freely.  

Inside, the restaurant is separated into sections: the bar, the hibachi grill, and the sushi bar, where I was seated. Their menu is not too extensive, though they did offer classics such as the California roll, shrimp tempura, and spicy tuna.  

I ordered one of their specials, the Fujiyama. The Fujiyama consists of tempura fried crab, cucumbers, and avocado topped with baked ocean scallops, crunchy tempura flakes, and sriracha aioli.  

It was a heavy dish that was delicious at the beginning. It was heavily sauced and contained many toppings, which was a bit overwhelming toward the end. This roll was definitely more filling than I expected, but overall was good. I really enjoyed the flavors of everything together, and the sauce resembled spicy mayo, which I love on sushi.  

The Fujiyama was about $16 with tax, which is a bit pricy in my opinion. 

Overall, I would recommend Osaka if you are in search of a nice lunch/dinner. I would not frequent this place due to the prices, but would definitely go back for a special occasion.  

Osaka is open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 4:30-9:30 p.m. (midnight on Fridays); Saturday from 11 a.m.-midnight; and Sunday from 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m.


Tiffany ChinTiffany Chin