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SGA adopts nine new resolutions in one of their last meetings


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Nearing the end of their term – which officially closes on April 30 – the SGA adopted nine different resolutions in Sunday night’s meeting. Several resolutions were discussed with brevity, as a lack of attendance and parliamentary need for quorum necessitated a quick meeting.

Resolution 038, sponsored by Senator Yamundow Camara and co-sponsored by Senator Vincent Joseph and President Austin Mehmet, showed SGA support for the development of a curricular practical training (CPT) program for computer science students. Currently, only management information services students have a CPT option.

“There are certain curriculum requirements [for computer science] that need to be changed, so it might be a longer discussion,” Mehmet said. “Essentially, a CPT program needs to be an integral part of the degree program.”

Online Student Senator Andrew Peabody voiced concerns for how such changes might impact online-only students, but Mehmet seemed certain that the impact would be minimal.

Resolution 039, sponsored by Mehmet and co-sponsored by Nikki Auble, president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and Ann Strahle, chair of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, encouraged the UIS registrar to approve student-athlete stoles for the 2017 commencement.

Another resolution that focused on recognizing students was resolution 040, sponsored by Joseph and co-sponsored by Camara and Peoria Campus Senator Dan Kelly. Joseph argued that the resolution, which called for formal recognition of students’ active engagement with UIS, would particularly aid international students.

Resolutions 041, 042, and 043 all dealt directly with the SGA, itself.

The first of these resolutions, which was sponsored by Kelly, called for a centralized location of SGA goals. The aim of the resolution was to help increase transparency and accessibility to students.

The second resolution, 042, was sponsored by Mehmet, and called for the relocation and rescheduling of the SGA meetings. Currently, SGA meetings are held in the PAC TV Studio on Sunday evenings.

According to the resolution, the meetings would be held in the Student Union on Fridays at 5 p.m. Mehmet said he chose this day and time because it works in tandem with Campus Senate meetings, which are Friday mornings, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

Resolution 043 officially appointed the speaker of the senate to the Executive Committee.

Another resolution, 045, altered the current bylaws, changing the appointed of speaker of the senate to a senate vote, instead of the president selecting the speaker exclusively.

Senator Brandon Klages sponsored resolution 044, which called for the established of an Animal-Assisted Activity (AAA) outreach program on campus. Klages noted in the resolution that “various studies have suggested that AAA decreases depression, negative mood, anxiety, and perceived stress in participants.”

The resolution was widely supported, with Internal Vice President Grace Rosado, Kelly, and students Hannah Nordby and Payton Raso all acting as co-sponsors.

The last resolution of the evening, 046, addressed concerns of safety at the Peoria campus of UIS. Currently, the Peoria Center is housed in the Perley Building of Illinois Central College (ICC). According to Kelly, there have been rumors that ICC plans to close the Perley Building.

Though Kelly noted that the rumors have yet to be confirmed, his understanding is that the situation is currently being addressed by UIS administration.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Clarice Ford told the association that she’d bring the issue to the attention of the Campus Senate.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
SGA adopts nine new resolutions in one of their last meetings