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Quincy proves too much for UIS, Stars defeated


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Women’s Game

The Prairie Stars put up a fight against No. 9 Quincy University but eventually surrendered due to the strength they brought to the field. The game ended with a 2-0 score.

UIS took two shots the entire game, while Quincy made 14 total. Both of UIS’ shots were on target but blocked by Quincy’s goalkeeper. Quincy had 11 of their shots on goal and saved all but two.

The game ended 2-0 with both shots being made at the very end of the two halves. UIS put up a strong battle but were shut out in Friday night’s game at Kiwanis Stadium.

The first goal of the game was made by Quincy in the 45th minute of the game, 11 seconds before half time. Senior Jaclyn Mastroianni assisted sophomore Taylor Lindwedel with her goal that hit the corner of the goalpost and went into the middle of the net. This pushed the score to 1-0 Quincy.

The second half showed little excitement until five minutes were left in the game. Sophomore Ashley Burton made Quincy’s second goal of the game with a shot that soared past UIS’ goalkeeper. Mastroianni with the assist again.

UIS goalkeeper junior Robin Damron had a total of nine saves and a lot of action time in comparison with Quincy goalkeeper senior Jodi Chapie. Chapie had two saves throughout the game.

UIS players junior Falyn Lockenour and freshman Nikki Auble contributed the two shots for UIS. Both shots were on target but Chapie was too quick to beat.

Mastroianni and Burton both added three shots to Quincy’s total of 14. Two of Mastroianni’s shots were on goal but couldn’t make it past Damron. Only one of Burton’s shots were on goal but she was able to beat out UIS goalie.  Lindwedel made two shots in the game, both on goal and one making it into the net.

Other Quincy players that had shots were sophomore Maxine Peat, senior Kristine Vogt, junior Taylor Wakeland, junior Brittney Kuster, freshman Morgan Roberts, and senior Maddie Torretta.

UIS had six fouls and Quincy had eight. UIS now has a record of 3-13 and Quincy has a record of 13-0-3.

UIS player freshman Sam Boettjer played the full 90 minutes of the game as a defender. Boettjer stated that the team played well. She added that this game was “one of our strongest games of the season.”

Boettjer stated that it was a good fight by the Prairie Stars and that the team worked well together and never “turned on each other.” Although Quincy was ranked ninth and the Prairie Stars were “fighting an uphill battle” the team stuck with them and played well according to Boettjer.

Men’s Game

UIS men’s soccer was unable to hold back Quincy University, ending the game with a 4-2 win for Quincy.

Quincy took the first two points but UIS was able to come back to tie. Later in the game Quincy got two more shots past the UIS goalkeeper and took the game.

The first goal was made three minutes into the game when Quincy player Jordan Roberts beat out UIS defenders and made a shot into upper left corner of the net. Roberts was assisted by Justin Ortinau.

Quincy scored a second goal ten minutes later when Xhovani Dokaj made a shot past UIS goalkeeper. Dokaj was unassisted for the goal. This put Quincy at a 2-0 lead.

Quincy held this lead for another 14 minutes until UIS was awarded a penalty kick. Nicolas Alonso del Moral took the penalty shot, the ball zoomed past Quincy goalkeeper and pushed the score to 2-1.

Just over a minute later, UIS offense was able to tie up the game when the goalkeeper blocked one shot but was unable to keep up with the second. Alonso del Moral was awarded his second goal of the night after rebounding the blocked shot and kicking it into the lower middle of the net past the Quincy keeper.

The Prairie Stars lost their edge in the 38th minute of the game, as Quincy regained their lead when a shot by Steve McAnany sailed into the left side of the net. McAnany was unassisted in his goal and pushed the score to 3-2.

The Prairie Stars chances of winning dwindled more when Quincy scored their 4th goal of the night. Dokaj made another goal off of an assist from Ethan Venvertloh.

The game ended with a 4-2 win by Quincy. The Prairie Stars now have a record of 6-10, Quincy’s record became 12-4 after the win.

UIS goalkeeper senior Jack Turanchik had 12 saves during his 84 minutes in the game. Freshman EJ Kirn had little action during his six minutes of playing time, making no saves. Quincy goalkeeper Drew Duncan had four saves.

The Prairie Stars managed 13 shots in the game, Quincy had 22. Of Quincy’s 22 shots, 16 were on target. UIS had six shots on goal.

Senior Mark Czarny took six shots, two of which were on target but were blocked by Duncan. Alonso del Moral had three shots during the game, one that was not on target and two that went into the net. Nikita Fadeev contributed two shots with both on target but they were saved by Quincy. Chukwuka Iwe and freshman Addison Ferry both contributed one shot.

Roberts took 10 shots during the game, eight were on target but seven were blocked by UIS’ defense. McAanay had five total shots in the game, four were on goal. Dokaj, Ortinau, Jake Bond, Ryan Seifert, and Pete Condol also contributed to the shots made by Quincy.

Coach Jesse Miech stated that the game was one of chances and the team is struggling to put together a complete game. Miech also stated that in Quincy’s game the team kept getting chances and didn’t give up.

The two goals made by Quincy in the beginning completely changed the game according to Miech. He added that the team came back, but “didn’t take advantage of that.”

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Quincy proves too much for UIS, Stars defeated