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Healthy never tasted so good… Techne Nut Butter


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What is healthy, tasty and unique all at the same time? It’s Techne Nut Butter!

An online UIS philosophy student, Spencer Wright, and his wife Bela Fishbeyn, began creating this nut butter when they were living in Russia over a year ago.

While there, they found it difficult to find protein that they could trust. Wright, who has experience in the kitchen, began to craft this creation in order to fill the protein gap within their diet. He used nuts because they were fairly cheap and easy to obtain where they were residing.

Once they returned to the States, they shared their nut butter with friends and family. They now have become hooked on its taste and positive effects.

According to Wright, he has been working on molding the perfect recipe that has awesome flavor, texture and nutritional value. After a year of experimenting, he believes he has created an awesome product that needs to be shared with others.

Techne Nut Butter uses only mission almonds, flax seeds, North Carolina peanuts, almond oil, flax oil and French gray sea salt. It is completely natural with absolutely no preservatives.

This nut butter has five grams of protein, three grams of fiber, zero grams of Trans fat, zero grams of cholesterol and only one and a half grams of saturated fat per serving.

Besides its great nutritional value, Techne Nut Butter is also much smoother and courser than traditional nut butters. This is because they use steel blades to grind up the nuts, as opposed to using stone blades.

As of right now, Wright and Fishbeyn are looking to expand their business beyond their family, friends and local community. However, they cannot do this without the support of others. They are using a site called Kickstarter to begin this process of raising money.

Kickstarter allows for individuals to raise money for their businesses without having to go to a bank for a loan. Instead, individuals donate money to the project. This cuts out the middle man and allows the producer to connect directly to the consumer.

There are different amounts that individuals can pledge, and within those amounts are rewards if the total funding is reached.

If the Techne Nut Butter project reaches $20,000 through backers by May 3, they will receive a check for this amount in order to start up their business. If not, they do not receive any of the money.

As of right now, the project has 82 backers with a total of over $4,500 in pledging.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Healthy never tasted so good… Techne Nut Butter