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UIS wins one, loses one against McKendree

The Prairie Stars huddle up for a pep talk by Coach Ramirez.

The Prairie Stars huddle up for a pep talk by Coach Ramirez.

Brittany Henderson

Brittany Henderson

The Prairie Stars huddle up for a pep talk by Coach Ramirez.


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The Prairie Stars managed a 2-run lead against McKendree in the first game of the night, but after multiple homeruns by McKendree, the Prairie Stars fell in game two, 8-0.

The first game ended with a 5-2 score. The top of the first inning did not see much action. One hit by McKendree enabled senior infielder Steven Todoschuk to make it to first base. However, two straight outs by the Stars stopped Todoschuk from moving forward.

The Prairie Stars started off the first game with a run in the bottom of the first. Junior Alex Bradley, UIS catcher, managed a fielder’s choice that lead to a run by Luke Stewart. Three UIS players remained on the bases after the final out.

McKendree managed one hit in the second inning, but the Stars stopped the team from making any runs with three quick outs. In the bottom of the second, a hit and a stolen base left one UIS player on second at the end of the inning with no runs and no errors.

The third inning saw only two hits by McKendree. Neither team managed a run and no errors were made.

McKendree started off the fourth inning right away with a single by freshman infielder Zach Klockowski. A ground out for McKendree pushed Klockowski to second and a double by Jeff Tolliver enabled him to score. This tied the score at 1-1.

UIS made a quick comeback in the bottom of the fourth. An error by McKendree’s shortstop put Nick Sanders onto first base. Sanders advanced to second after a groundout by a fellow UIS player. Sanders scored after sophomore outfielder Lance LeBaron hit a homerun. The score ended at 3-1 after the fourth inning.

Two singles by McKendree were not enough to make a run due to two outs by the UIS defense and a McKendree player striking out swinging.

Blake Baker, a senior catcher/infielder, singled up the middle in the bottom of the fifth. After stealing second base, Baker made it to home plate off of a double by Adam Unes.

The top of the sixth saw no hits, runs or errors. The bottom of the sixth saw a hit by senior infielder Trevor Johnson. This put him into scoring position and a sacrifice fly by Stewart added another run to the Stars’ score.

The top of the seventh saw two runs by McKendree, coming from Todoschuk and Klockowski. Prior to Todoschuk’s hit, freshman outfielder Jay Roberts was hit by a pitch and moved to second. Senior Tony Kossina made it to first off of a fielder’s choice. Roberts was called out at second from a play by UIS’ defense. Todoschuk then homered, pushing himself and Kossina home. This added two more runs to their score. The Stars finished out the top of the seventh with two more outs.

The second game of the evening saw strong offense by McKendree. No runs were made in the first or second innings and only one hit was made.

The game picked up in the third inning.  A single by junior infielder Jake Kline sent Grant Anderson home. McKendree was unable to add any more runs in the third. McKendree grabbed three straight outs against UIS hitters, sending the game to the fourth inning.

A homerun by junior infielder Pierce Borah scored two runs for McKendree. UIS was able to make two more outs and close the inning after that, leaving one player on base.

UIS came up to bat in the bottom of the sixth and achieved one hit and two players made it on base after getting hit by pitches. The inning ended with three men on base and no runs.

Todoschuk crossed home plate after a fielder’s choice enabled junior outfielder Kyle Rutledge to reach first base. The Stars closed the inning with a double play. The score after the top of the fifth was 4-0. The Stars made no hits in the bottom of the fifth.

The top of the sixth saw an RBI by Kossina, the run was scored by Borah and it was unearned. McKendree shut down the Stars in the bottom of the sixth with three straight outs.

A homerun by Rutledge added three more runs to McKendree’s score. Rutledge, Klockowski and Kline all crossed over home plate after the homer.

The rest of the game saw a few hits, but no runs were made, ending with an 8-0 score.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
UIS wins one, loses one against McKendree