Bardella leader of the "Patriots for Europe", among the deputies Vannacci appears

Bardella leader of the “Patriots for Europe”, among the deputies Vannacci appears

The new group “Patriots for Europe”, promoted by Viktor Orban, is taking shape in Brussels. At the moment, 84 MEPs have joined and they come mainly from Identity and Democracy, but among their ranks there are also the Spanish of Vox, who have abandoned the ECR (Conservatives and Reformists) of Giorgia Meloni, further weakening her at the negotiating table. With these numbers, the sovereignists are the third group in the European Parliament and are preparing for a tough opposition to Ursula von der Leyen.

The Sovereignist International with Salvini and Le Pen

What is emerging is in fact a sort of “sovereignist international”, an alliance between right-wing parties – even extreme ones – that does not hide its sympathies for Donald Trump and in some cases even for Vladimir Putin. Within it, in addition to Orban himself, it can boast the 30 MEPs of the Rassemblement national of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella: it will be the enfant prodige fresh from electoral defeat in his native France who will lead the new group in Parliament, alongside six deputies, among whom stands out General Roberto Vannacci, champion of preferences in Matteo Salvini’s League. The League patrol is the third in number after the French and the Hungarians of Fidesz. Close behind are the Austrian Freedom Party, the Dutch of PVV and the Spanish of Vox, with 6 MEPs each.

Le Pen, Orban and Salvini ready to unite sovereignists in the Patriots of Europe (but without Meloni)

The leader of the Northern League celebrated the election of his leading MEP on social media: “He will represent the League and the Italians,” he wrote. Previously, Salvini himself had announced, again via social media, his membership in Orban’s group: “The European people – he wrote – have shown that they want a radical change in Brussels against the excessive power of bureaucrats and bankers, definitively overcoming the disastrous model of the last five years based on pro-Islamic, pro-Chinese and eco-extremist choices with socialist leftists”. What the Northern League leader omits is that the majority of European citizens, net of the growth of the right, voted for the parties that will form the new majority that will support the “bis” of the President of the Commission. The one who is not in the game is the President of the Council, Giorgia Meloni. Even if her ECR is losing pieces and consequently her bargaining power is diminishing, the Prime Minister knows well that entering the crowded group in which she would have to coexist with so many “prima donnas”, including her Italian ally, would put her on the margins of Europe.