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Drinking under the shadow of the dome

Marty Hobe, News Reporter

November 13, 2013

It’s no secret that UIS has subpar college nightlife. Due to the location of the school, students’ choices are limited around campus; however, downtown Springfield offers fun and excitement just a cab ride away. Springfield...

The death of horror films

Julia Brown, Columnist

October 30, 2013

It’s the season for horror films. With several cable channels featuring a month of scary movies to celebrate Halloween, it’s easy to get lost in the ghosts, gore and creepy lore. Unfortunately, it is increasingly hard to...

Where is everyone?

Marty Hobe, Columnist

October 30, 2013

So, this column was supposed to be a story about students celebrating the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. Pictures of students congregating in lounge areas, doused in red and white. But as I walked around campus Saturday...

From scary to sexy: Scantily clad costumes shame Halloween

Julia Brown, Columnist

October 23, 2013

Each year, Halloween gets more disgusting. I’m not talking about the guts and gore surrounding this gruesome holiday. In fact, that doesn’t really offend me. I love the guy’s decorations this year that were so realistic...

Twerking hits America like a wrecking ball

Julia Brown, Columnist

October 16, 2013

It seems the country is divided on a hot topic these days. It isn’t anything to do with health care or the government shut down. No, it is much more important than that. Twerking. People either love or hate this dance...

My dad, the college kid: A lineage of learners

Robert Von Nordheim, Columnist

October 9, 2013

In my family, the apple doesn’t fall far from the teacher’s desk. When I entered college as an English major 4 years ago, my dad followed; he’s now a grad student at Wright State, and also hopes to teach English lit for...

Remove the label Struggles and stereotypes of the ‘mentally ill’

Robert Von Nordheim, Columnist

October 2, 2013

Last week, I caught up with an old friend. We hadn’t seen each other in months, but his birthday was coming up and I wanted to reconnect. His new job kept him pretty busy, so I wasn’t surprised when he cancelled our plans...

The fine line between an enjoyable ride and an ambulance ride

Julia Brown, Columnist

September 25, 2013

The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the smell of leather, and the open road in front of you, motorcycle season is in full swing. Unfortunately, so is motorcycle accident season. I work at a hospital and in the last...

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