The Joke’s on Us and It is Hilarious

Political satirist and world-renowned angry person, Lewis Black, came to the Performing Arts Center at UIS on March 31, delivering the high-quality, sharp-witted, commentary on the absurdity of modern society for which he is known.

Black is best known for the ranting style of his comedy, screaming and swearing at the lunacy of the world as it presents itself. This is one of the things that is uniquely enjoyable about his comedy: not only are Black’s jokes exceedingly well-thought out and skillfully delivered, but there is something about watching someone react to the daily insanity of life with the angry tirade it deserves that can only be described as cathartic.

Despite the topical nature of Black’s act, his comedy doesn’t necessarily take a side. Black does not even mention the current president’s name until a full 55 minutes into the act. Beyond the politics, Black treated his audience to views on everything from the supposed benefits of jellyfish elements in Prevagen to the idea that an educational farm was created, at least in part, because a number of urban children did not know where eggs come from and why Black does not currently have any children. Each of these topics is covered with the same level of utter disbelief and frustration with society’s illogical tendencies.

Still, the best parts of the show from my perspective were the sections dealing with politics. This was where Black’s razor wit seemed to cut the deepest -in his summations of the ridiculousness of the current political climate. To paraphrase the show, Black pointed out that one of the lessons we seem to have learned from our current president is that “if we think it, then it’s true,” which led to a brief discussion of the ludicrousness of this idea involving the length of something belonging to Black that cannot be mentioned in print. Going further, Black established the problem of this notion with the same eloquence he deployed the entire show. Citing it as something he learned when he was taking LSD, Black said that “we have to agree on. … .reality.”