Photographs courtesy of THEBLAST.COM

During the opening monologue of the 77th annual Golden Globes, host Ricky Gervais delivered a series of scathing jokes aimed at the assembled actors, directors and producers. Commenting on everything from connections to Jefferey Epstein to the lack of diversity in awards shows, Gervais grabbed all of the low hanging fruit that he could. Anyone who is familiar with Gervais’ comedy should not be surprised by his offensive and gleefully nihilistic roasting spree. For his final statement, Gervais voiced his opinions on the trend of the Hollywood elite commenting on world events in their acceptance speeches.

Starting with a jab at Apple’s new streaming service and transitioning into a comment on their labor abuses in China, Gervais slammed actors for their choice to work for companies that support these practices. Gervais then concluded his monologue by telling actors to “accept your little award, thank your agent andyour Godand f*ck off, OK?”This surprise monologue has now sparked online debate over the appropriateness of Gervais’ statement. Supporters of political speeches have been citing Russel Crowe’s acceptance speech in particular. As opposed to personally presenting his speech, the actor asked Jennifer Aniston to present it while he stayed in Australia to combat the devastating fires that are sweeping the continent. On the opposing side of this issue, some reporters have been quick to point to the excessive travel that actors have been using to reach the awards ceremony. This issue of travel was addressed by actor Joaquin Phoenix whose acceptance speech called on actors to do their parts in addressing environmental issues. Whether or not you support Gervais’ take on “wokeness” in Hollywood, he has been officially replaced as host by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.