Photographs courtesy of Insider.com

Cheap chocolate may be on the horizon of Valentine’s Day, but that future boon does not solve the present romantic itch afflicting single people. When desperate to date (or at least talk to someone), V-Day inevitably draws users back into the realm of online dating apps. Having had little to no luck with traditional dating apps, I decided to satiate my V-Day itch with a lesser-known and quirkier dating app. Tired of Tinder, I tried my luck with its more aggressive cousin, Hater.

What drew me to Hater, at first, was the app’s unique method of pairing up matches. Rather than have users answer a bunch of personal questions or go window shopping, the app pairs people on their likes and dislikes.

At first glance, this concept sounds pretty mundane. Plenty of apps like OK Cupid use similar compatibility quizzes, but Hater was the first dating app that made this feature seem like fun. Like any dating quiz, the app started by showing me some standard questions to start. How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? How do you feel about kids? Et cetera, et cetera. Having answered these questions God knows how many times (don’t judge me), I was ready to delete the app. What stopped me was the niche questions the app started asking. In the span of five swipes I was asked for my opinion on gamer girls, comic books, armpit hair, the sound of people vomiting and handj*bs. I was having so much fun laughing at this trainwreck that I barely noticed that no one near me was using the app.

The app may be good for a few laughs, but its quirkiness can only carry it so far. As the app is still niche, I would not recommend it for serious dating. In lieu of romantic connections, I recommend a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and the extended director’s cut of Blade Runner.