Student Activities Committee provides fun and education for UIS


There are many student associations at UIS that get students involved. One of the very popular student associations on campus is the Student Activities Committee.  SAC provides various events for students to enjoy.

SAC was first established little less than ten years ago, and since then, they focus themselves on planning different activities for the UIS community. They are a standing committee of the Student Government Association (SGA) at UIS, meaning that the primary funding comes directly from SGA.  SAC provides social, recreational, and cultural activities to enhance student life on campus.

All students can participate in the events SAC hosts.  SAC’s first priority is to make sure that the students have something to do on campus during their downtime between classes.  They provide a diverse range of programs that appeal to a range of students. They have a spectrum of events that revolve around social, academic, or pure entertainment. In addition, SAC helps smaller organizations that want to reach out to UIS students; they promote other small events as well.

SAC has a variety of programs and each event has a coordinator. SAC plans events such as annual concerts on the quad, Homecoming Pep Rally and dance, a range of movies, different comedians, musicians and poets, and Springfest (a week-long campus-wide team competition).

Each SAC coordinator has their own smaller subcommittees or chairpersons assign to them that helps them plan and lead events. SAC has Comedy coordinator plans a minimum of two comedy events per semester, Performance coordinator plans the different concerts on campus, Special Events coordinator, Off Campus and Travel Coordinator, Education, and Personal Growth Coordinator plan different educational events.

SAC also has the Film Coordinator who plans the movies from international and indie films to the blockbuster hits, Coffeehouse Coordinator is responsible for hiring a performer, reserving a space for the event, setting up the sound system and lights. They also advertise the event, and welcome the performer to UIS. Finally, yet possibly most importantly, is the Traditions Coordinator. This individual is responsible for planning Homecoming and Springfest on campus.  Planning these different events take a lot of time and commitment. Of course, every event is different and some events require more time than others. Some coordinators deal more with contracting and scheduling events on campus, and others have to create events from scratch.

Many coordinators enjoy what they do, and have favorite activities that make their job all the more worthwhile. Traditions Coordinator, Juan Trevino is one of the many members that make SAC events possible.

“Being the Traditions Coordinator, my favorite event here on campus is Springfest. This year I put in a lot of hard work and time to tame and perfect the beast that UIS knows as Springfest. Also, I love the hypnotist that comes to our school each year, which you should all be looking forward to during Welcome Week,” said Trevino.

The student body and the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) chooses the activities here on campus. Every semester SAC holds proposal night so the students can suggest events, or agree on events for the upcoming semester. The NACA holds conferences that books major acts for many campuses, like UIS, across the nation as well.

SAC’s mission is to provide programs that are socially and academically beneficial to the UIS campus. They also want to maintain a practical structure to ensure the continued effectiveness of the organization. The Student Activities Committee does a lot on campus to make sure that students have a wonderful college experience. SAC helps choose events so students can be entertained, they work hands-on with students and entertainers from across the country, and they offer students chance to network.

General SAC Meetings are held every Sunday at 6:00 pm in the Large Conference Room in the Student Life Office in the Student Affairs Building. For additional information attend a SAC meeting, or go on their website: