Culture Corner



Languages: The main language Chinese, is a really a mixture of different dialects spoken in the nation. Some of these include Mandarin, Wu, and Cantonese.


Population: 1.3 Billion people call China home.


Religion: Major religions in China include Buddhism, Islam, and even Christianity.  Buddhism and Taoism have the largest share with 30 percent of the country practicing them.


Sports: Table Tennis, Badminton, and Basketball


Delightful Foods:

There are many varieties of cooking in China. The four main styles of cooking include Beijing Style, Shanghai Style, Szechuan Style, and Cantonese. With the Beijing style, Peking Duck is a popular dish to cook. In Shanghai, preserved Duck Eggs and Hairy Crab are among the more popular dishes. Szechuan style features Kung Pao Chicken and Twice Cooked Pork. Lastly, Cantonese style features BBQ Pork, Shark Fin Soup, and Cantonese Soup.


Fun Facts:

Guess where toilet paper was invented? In China and only royalty could use the paper.

Chinese originally discovered that blood circulates the brain and the heart pumps it through.

White is the color of choice during funerals in China.

Many Chinese children keep crickets as pets, because cricket fighting is a popular sport to watch in China.