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Let’s talk about SEX


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Privates, atten-hut! Boot camp now in session. Dental dams, alcohol free lube and dirty talk were a few of the many subjects brought up in an interactive presentation given by sexologists Esther Lastique and Joni Frater. The duo, can be found in everything from Google to Playboy. Their busy schedules are filled with travel across the country to educate student populations on myths and facts about sex. They also offer tips on how to have a fun, clean and healthy sex life.

“I hope what students take from tonight is to feel better about your body and what you do with it,” said Frater before the boot camp began.

Rows were filled with seats covered in sex pamphlets, various contraceptives and sheets about STD screenings.

Many myths were explored, including the ever popular debate in the heterosexual male world about size. In addition, the sexologists covered the issue of contraceptives and if they protect from all sexually transmitted diseases and infections. After much time was spent on the truth about STDs, the presenters asked the crowd, ‘who is responsible for bringing protection?’ A student then shouted, “Everybody!”

The topic of safe campus sexual activity was discussed. The experts made it a point to remind students to look after one another, emphasizing the motto, “Friends don’t let friends hook up under the influence.”

Not only did Frater and Lastique offer an honest insight into the topic of sex, they also gifted all students free access to a service called Chexout allows for anyone to pull up negative STD results and share them with a potential partner. Goals are to reduce the risk of infections and encourage honesty. The app normally charges a $25 sign up fee, but this is free to UIS students thanks to the sexologists. Frater said, “Love yourself enough to use protection, decide who is worth all of this.”

The LRH great room was full of chatter, allowing for an interactive experience for students and the presenters. Conversation continued from the start of the presentation to the very end as students waited after to ask more personal questions to the tag team.

Student Brandon Baker who also enjoyed the boot camp said, “They made us wiser about risks of STD’s and knowing our partner’s status.”

Students became ‘erotically enlightened’ on how to protect themselves and be responsible when sharing their bodies with others.

Let’s face it. College can be a time for exploration, and a biggie on the list of things to explore is sex and how we see ourselves in terms of our sexuality. Learning to love yourself first and foremost sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, one focused on protection and pleasure.

Finally, remember pleasure’s three facets: self love, self image and self knowledge.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
Let’s talk about SEX