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You know you’re a UIS student when…


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You know what they say, great minds think alike. The way in which people connect to one another is through common ideas and interests. One way, in particular, that individuals here connect is by seeing eye-to-eye on a few different statements about UIS.

You know you go to UIS when…Your friends from other schools are amazed that you rarely have class on Fridays.

This is now my fourth semester here at UIS, and I have yet to have class on Fridays. I know some individuals have labs on Friday mornings, but a majority of individuals begin their weekend on Thursdays. My friends from other universities are in complete shock by this, considering they generally have a class that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I would rather sit in class for a little bit longer two days a week than get out earlier but have to meet three days a week.

The most exciting week on campus is the week of Springfest. 

This event, by far, is the cherry on top of each school year. Springfest gets even the shyest of folks up and running around like a bunch of madmen. The amount of energy, adrenalin and the sense of community created during the week is a high point. The fact that so many people get involved in this event is mind-blowing and really shows school spirit.

Your room is 80 degrees in the winter. 

As the weather begins to cool down outside, that can only mean one thing: the weather inside is about to get mighty toasty. It almost feels backwards in a way. During the fall months, rooms seem to be quite chilly and require sweatpants and sweatshirts. However, during the winter months, rooms heat up and call for shorts and T-shirts. Those who live on the top floors of the dorms and townhouses especially know this.

“I’ve lived on the third floor of the dorms for the last two years. It gets way too warm once they turn on the heat in October, and I hate it,” said Zachary Chase, sophomore communication major. “The worst part is it can get so uncomfortable that I can’t even use my blanket.”

Class continues through the blistering cold, but is cancelled for a few inches of snow.

Being from Northern Illinois, I am not used to school being cancelled for such a small amount of snow. Since coming to UIS, the only snow days I have witnessed have been for a little bit of snow. I understand that they do this in order to protect all of the students and staff, but it is just bizarre to me. Now, I am definitely not complaining. I enjoy the occasional snow day just as much as the next guy, but I’m used to being granted them for over a foot of snow or extreme colds.

You have to explain to your friends and family who live outside of Springfield, what a horseshoe is. 

Now, I am not a Springfield native, but I was informed, right from the start, what a horseshoe was. The gooey cheese that smothers a mound of fries, hamburger and Texas toast is not generally known where I am from. Whenever I speak to an old friend and complain about how badly I want a horseshoe, they do not get it. They do not understand just how delicious this dish actually is. That is one cool thing about traveling to a school that is not near your hometown; you are exposed to different kinds of food, people and cultures.

You have to explain to people that there is, in fact, a third U of I campus. 

Prior to my senior year in high school, I was unaware that there was actually a third U of I campus. Generally, whenever I tell individuals where I attend school, they look at me with a confused look. I always have to explain to them that UIS is the smallest of the U of I campuses and actually does exist.

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Award winning, student run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield..
You know you’re a UIS student when…