Haunted Library, Trail Friday

Haunted Library, Trail Friday

This Friday, Oct. 24, both the Student Activities Committee (SAC) and the Resident Housing Association (RHA) will be keeping up with UIS Halloween traditions! SAC and the RHA will host the Haunted Library and Haunted Trail events, respectively.

Students are encouraged to attend the Haunted Library first, and then follow the path lined by Jack-O-Lanterns to the Haunted Trail, which is in the north woods. Both events begin at 9 p.m. this Friday; the Haunted Library ends at 11 p.m., while the Haunted Trail ends at midnight.The Haunted Library is an annual event put on by SAC in conjunction with Brookens Library. While the Haunted Library does not have a specific theme this year as in previous years, Maureen Musuku, Special Events Coordinator with SAC, described this year’s event as “a fun fright house with a lot of suspense and excitement.” Musuku also added that students can expect free food and drink, as well as a photo booth.

After participating in this, students can walk over to the Haunted Trail. Founders Residence Hall Resident Director Zach Berillo said, “Haunted Library is also the same night so we ask participants and students to hit the Haunted Library first and then swing by the Haunted Trail if they still have some fright left in them.” According to Berillo, the theme of the Haunted Trail will be “Zombie Walk,” as the RHA hopes to capitalize on the current cultural phenomenon surrounding zombies.

Unlike last year, there will be no hay ride between locations. Berillo claimed that the number of students who used the ferries relative to the total number of attendees was not enough to justify the cost of providing the hay rides. Furthermore, since the trucks could not deliver students to the actual location of the trail, which was in the woods, students had a difficult time getting oriented in the darkness. The inclusion of pumpkins to guide students will help alleviate this problem, since they will be lead directly to the entrance.

In addition to the haunted house-style event, Brookens Library will also be hosting the English Department’s annual “Read-A-Thon,” which runs from 2 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on the same day. The marathon will aptly consist of readings of Edgar Allen Poe’s works, so students can drop by before the Haunted Library opens to get themselves in the Halloween spirit. The later stages of the event also will coincide with the Haunted Library, so students can go after they exit the library to further immerse themselves in the harrowing atmosphere.