Residence Life hosts ‘Wild Westcreational’

As the semester winds down and students retreat into their rooms to weather the inevitable academic storm of final exams, Residence Life traditionally hosts events designed to help students escape their studies for a brief time. This year, they put on the ‘Wild Westcreational’.

It is no secret that December is the busiest month of the year for many students; the slew of essays and exams can be overwhelming for many. UIS Resident Assistant (RA), JC Brown, hoped that the large event would help students relax, saying, “It’ll be a really great event. I think a lot of students are trying to get ready to come out, because after that it gets really hectic.”

The event, which occurred Saturday, Dec. 6, offered a large selection of activities for students. Residence Life provided students with sports such as dodgeball and basketball, meditation, dancing, board games,and even a mechanical bull.

Residence Life hopes that, by providing students with a fun and safe way to relieve the stress, they will make better choices and improve their academic performance. West Campus Residence Director Liz Steinborn-Gourley stated, “Students need to give themselves breaks from studying…We want those breaks to be safe.” She added, “We’d like to give fun opportunities as an alternative to drinking as a stress-reliever since alcohol doesn’t help with remembering what you’ve studied.”

RAs are also pitching in to help their students feel more comfortable. Hannah Cave, an RA on the west side of campus, said “I will be making brownies and handing those out to residents as a study break social moment before finals.”

Brown also mentioned that many RAs are planning their own, smaller activities for their residents, so students should contact their RA and ask if they are planning anything fun.

The end of the year activities aren’t just about stress relief, however; Residence Life also sees these events as an opportunity to acknowledge the progress everyone has made over the course of the semester. Steinborn-Gourley expressed that “We like to celebrate the end of the semester – students have worked hard in their classes, leadership roles, and jobs and we want to show our appreciation for their efforts.”

Residence Life is also planning an event called “Mid-Rockin’”, which will celebrate the second year students’ progress. According to Brown, “Mid rockin’ is just a celebration for the second year student completing half of their semester here. There will be a guest speaker, there will be food…there will be games and prizes. All the SYRI (Second Year Residence Initiative) students are located in Pennyroyal, Marigold, Founders hall and Lincoln hall.”

The event will take place this Friday, Dec. 12, and Brown hopes to bring together second year students living in the residence halls and the west campus townhouses.