New driving range

UIS will build new facility for the golf teams

UIS is planning to build a driving range on campus. The facility is to be placed in the field north of Lincoln Land day care center, according to golf coach Frank Marsaglia. Details on the construction, however, have yet to be decided.

“Plans on how to finance, placement in the field, type of grass, irrigation, and raising of funds still have yet to be completed before the actual construction will start,” stated Marsaglia. If constructed, however, the range may be give the Prairie Stars exactly the boost they need to challenge for the conference championship.

“If the range would be completed it would give the golf teams at UIS a place they could practice on campus instead of driving ten miles. Also this would be available at all times to the team whereas the practice facility at the course will close at certain times making it difficult to have practice some days,” Marsaglia explained.

Both the men’s and women’s UIS golf teams had a good 2013-2014 season, meaning that, if a driving range were to be constructed on campus, the golf team could contend for the title. Last season the women’s golf team won the Dan Salisbury Memorial Collegiate Invitational, the Frito Lay Intercollegiate, as well as the UIS Beach Bash, before ultimately finishing fifth at the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) championship.

The men’s team won the UIS Island Getaway, as well as the 16-team UIS Spring Invite, and eventually finished eighth at the GLVC championship.