The African Student Association: Here to help diversify UIS


Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

If you are a member of the UIS community, you likely have heard about the African Student Association (ASA), an organization that looks to spread diversity, awareness, and positivity across the campus to both staff and students.

The ASA was established in order to promote culture and strengthen bonds amongst African students and the American community. The association was originally established in 2002 as the Descendants of Africa. The club changed their name to the African Student Organization in 2008. After a brief hiatus the club was reestablished in 2013 by the former president, Afua Amoabin.

The ASA holds goals that they wish to uphold while being active.

Jacob Owusu, an accounting major, said that “The goals of the ASA are to continually become a positive influence around our UIS community and everywhere else, lead a legacy for other upcoming students, and to unify us with many others, with education, leadership roles, and global networking.”

Additionally, the association wishes to spread positivity and awareness in order to diversify the UIS community.

The ASA holds many events on campus to get its name around and to share what the organization is all about.

According to Jeffrey Wittah, a biology major and the vice president of ASA, their biggest event will be coming in the near future.

Wittah said, “The big social event that we hold every fall semester is our annual Afro-Fusion Christmas Party, and the event in the spring semester is our Annual Taste of the Motherland.”

They sponsor many other events such as the Rip the Runway fashion show, the International Dance Festival, and also tutoring sessions for midterm and final exams.

Although the ASA is an association that is based on African culture, students and staff of other ethnicities are  able to join in on what the ASA has to offer.

Overall, the ASA is an association meant to expand the minds of individuals in regards to African culture and to better themselves as well.

Wittah expressed his passion toward the association by stating, “This organization has also allowed me to mature in ways I never thought would be possible. The numerous events that I have participated in have allowed me to escape from my shell of shyness to become more outgoing and opened to larger audiences and the community.”

If you are looking for more information or are interested in joining the African Student Association, email Jeffrey Wittah at [email protected]