Springfest: A UIS tradition

Tamarra Newbern, News Reporter

From April 17 through April 23, the Student Activities Committee (SAC) will host the annual Springfest, a traditional event held on campus to bring students, alumni, staff, and faculty together in teams to compete against one another in various activities.

Registration for Springfest started on Feb. 5 and will close on March 9.

This year will be the 23rd Springfest. Each year, Springfest has a specific theme; this year’s the theme is “The Stars Awaken,” due to the release of the newest Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens.” The theme won the popular vote amongst Springfest organizers.

During the weeklong competition, there are activities held each day that teams participate in and compete against other teams in order to rack up as many points as possible.

As usual, Monday is the Scavenger Hunt, Tuesday is Trivia Night, Wednesday is a themed event (this year called the “Jedi Academy”), Thursday is Flag and Chant night, Friday is the Spaghetti Dinner, and Saturday is Sports Day – with the very last event being a Mud Tug-of-war.

Locations for each event will be announced in the future through posters and flyers posted around campus. Springfest organizers will also be sending out informative emails as the event approaches.

There will be a grand prize, which has yet to be determined, for the winning team along with black champion t-shirts. First-, second-, and third-place winners plus sportsmanship and team spirit awards will be announced after all of the events

In order to participate in Springfest, one must 1. Be a student, staff, or faculty member and 2. Have at least 12 people on a team and no more than 15. (Additionally, no more than two faculty, and staff members are allowed on a team.) If alumni wish to participate, a $10 fee must be paid.

If you find yourself without a team or are short by just a few people, there will be a Springfest Mixer on Feb. 23 from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.

The mixer will have stations related to Springfest that you can “practice” your skills before the actual event. You can either find a team to join or find a few people to complete your team.

If you wish to volunteer for Springfest, you can email: [email protected], and SAC Tradition Chair Kylah Foster or other SAC members will respond as soon as possible.

Many UIS students believe Springfest is a great tradition at UIS that everyone should participate in.

Diamond Dixon, a UIS psychology major, looks forward to witnessing the camaraderie amongst UIS students at Springfest.

“I thought Springfest was absolutely fun. I thought it was cool to see how everyone come together. It was great to see different types of people come together and have fun on this campus,” Dixon said.

Shelby Green, an environmental science major, said, “It the biggest way to show family growth and teamwork”

Those interested in participating in Springfest simply need to visit the website uisconnection.uis.edu to sign up.