SGA wants new ‘green fee’

John Kurecki, Features Reporter

On Feb. 22, the Student Government Association held their second meeting of the semester.  The following items were brought to attention:

– The group discussed the upcoming lobby day at the state capitol building on March 2.  The event will run from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m.; transportation will be provided between the capitol and campus throughout the day, allowing students to attend classes when necessary but still participate in the event.  It was argued that the lobby day is especially relevant to students given the recent struggle over the funding of higher education in Illinois.

– Funding was approved for items to be handed out to students who attend SGA events. SGA Treasurer Austin Mehmet mentioned that the organization was running low on supplies ahead of upcoming events, including a town hall.

– The resolution requesting a student vote on the “green fee” was passed.  If a majority of students vote in favor of the proposition- which would see a fee starting at five dollars per student assessed with the aim of funding environmental initiatives on campus- the recommendation will eventually need to be heard by the Board of Trustees. The student vote will occur during the Spring 2016 semester. Internal Vice President Duane Malany sponsored the resolution and Senator Dinesh Srirangapalle is a co-sponsor.

– The group introduced Resolution SP16-018, which advocates for the formation of a Legal Studies Honors Program. Proposed criteria for admittance into the program include: GPA, leadership experience, volunteer experience, campus or community involvement, work experience, and completion of 15 or more credit hours in Legal Studies courses. The resolution is sponsored by Senator Kaelan Smith and co-sponsored by President Josh Lawson.

– The group introduced Resolution FA15-009, which- if approved- will create an additional SGA committee on campus safety. The resolution states that the committee will act in accordance with rules observed by the Department of Residence Life and the UIS Police Department. The resolution is sponsored by Senator Grace Rosado and co-sponsored by Parliamentarian Tony Schuering, Senator Nathan Hoffman, and Senator Kaelan Smith.

The next SGA meeting will take place on March 8 at 8 p.m. in the PAC TV Studio. All SGA meetings are open to the public.