SGA meeting recap

John Kurecki, Features Reporter

On April 3, the Student Government Association (SGA) held their fifth meeting of the 2016 spring semester at 8 p.m. in the PAC TV Studio. The following points were discussed:

– The SGA unanimously approved a change to the Student Affairs Committee (SAC) bylaws which reduced the number of coordinator positions. SAC chair Kylie Gilmore explained that conferences with other schools that SAC attends reveal that SAC at UIS has too many coordinators. Before the change there were 12 coordinator positions, but by combining some of the positions, Gilmore expressed hope that SAC would acquire more general members and grow the organization overall.

– Director of Student Life Cynthia Thompson expressed delight in the fact that all available positions have candidates for this year’s SGA election. A total of 20 candidates are running for the available positions.

-The SGA unanimously approved resolution 19, which will result in a survey being sent to students regarding their satisfaction of the current SGA’s performance. Resolution sponsor Senator Nathan Hoffman expressed a desire to keep the length of the survey to 10 minutes or less, so as to keep students engaged.

-SGA unanimously approved resolution 20, which requests increased lighting on campus. The resolution will be sent to the chancellor.

-President Josh Lawson introduced a new resolution which advocates for MAP grants and a higher education budget. This is to join with around 15 other schools in Illinois whose positions will be sent to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office next week as part of an effort led by Northern Illinois University’s student government. The resolution was passed unanimously.

The next SGA meeting will take place on April 17 at 8 p.m. in the PAC TV Studio. All SGA meetings are open to the public.