EDITORIAL: No new teams

The Journal Editorial Board

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During a time such as this, where a large number of UIS students are struggling to find the funds to return in the fall, the last thing the university should be doing is adding another athletic team.

As discussed in the April 13 edition of The Journal, UIS Athletics has recently held tryouts for the official UIS Dance Team. As of right now, the team would be up and running in the fall of 2016 and have around 12-14 participants.

Perhaps one of the biggest questions here would be where is the money coming from to fund this team? Typically, athletics is funded by direct institutional support, student fees, or contributions from outside sources.

An addition such as this would end up costing the university thousands of dollars that it really does not have. The needed funding would go towards paying a coach and purchasing uniforms or other props, which are quite pricey.

Currently, UIS has numerous student organizations on campus that focus on dance. So, it does make sense that the athletic department wants to step up and form a university team. But right now, those student organizations provide individuals with plenty of opportunities to dance on campus.

In the future, yes, this would be a great addition to the university. It is common for most colleges to have both a cheer team and a dance team participating at home sporting events or competitively. But, now is not the time to make such an addition.

Any extra money that the university has should be going towards allowing its students to return in the fall and continue their education, instead of adding yet another dance team and further increasing the athletic department’s $3,996,437 budget, as seen in fiscal year 2015.