SGA approves motion to create legal studies honors program

John Kurecki, Features Reporter

On Sunday, April 17 the Student Government Association (SGA) met briefly, as they unanimously passed two resolutions and read a third resolution for the first time.

-The SGA unanimously approved the advocacy for a legal studies honors program at the university. This program would be available to outstanding students in the legal studies program. The advocacy does not mean the program will be created, but is simply a resolution from the SGA to advocate for its creation. The resolution states that the Department of Legal Studies has a “dedication to empower students with more academic distinctions to promote such students to potential employers, community members, university graduate programs, and various organizations.”

-The SGA also unanimously approved a resolution altering the constitution in an attempt to make the body more cohesive. The resolution states that an elected SGA president must be able to serve for an entire academic year.

-A resolution was also introduced to turn vacant senate positions after the fall and spring elections into senator at-large positions until the next elections. The resolution aims to address senate seats that are difficult to fill, such as the online and Peoria positions.