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Café Moxo offers affordable, tasty options

“Their homemade potpies are absolutely delicious! Cafe Moxo is definitely one of my favorite places to frequent and it is a must-try for anyone in search of a good and affordable meal,” said a longtime customer that raved about this cafe.

Cafe Moxo is a popular establishment that opened in 2007 in Springfield’s Downtown area. They are known for their delicious, homemade menu items. According to many longtime customers, they come back for the delightful food, comfortable atmosphere, and excellent customer service.

Upon entering the cafe, I noticed that the room was filled with the wonderful aroma of something delicious in the making. Immediately, the feeling of wanting to devour whatever was being made rushed through me.

As I walked in, I followed the large group in front of me toward the counter, in the back of the cafe, to order. As I approached the counter, I was greeted by numerous employees who were smiling invitingly and readily offering suggestions from the menu.

Some of the available items were freshly made and displayed behind the glass counter. They had everything from breakfast foods and uniquely named sandwiches, to freshly squeezed lemonade and heavenly cookies.

After ordering, the food is either given to you to bring to your seat or you are given a number and your food is brought out to your table shortly. The work environment here is impressive, as the staff works well as a team to provide quick and friendly service.

After ordering, I had a quick conversation with the cashier as I paid. His effort to engage in conversation and get to know a little bit about me was very impressive and refreshing. It shows that Cafe Moxo cares about their customers’ experience and values their business instead of just caring about profits.

On my trip here, I enjoyed a freshly baked chicken potpie, a chocolate chip cookie, and iced tea for only $9. The prices are extremely affordable and the amount of food is more than enough.

The chicken potpie was absolutely delicious. The thin, flakey, golden-brown crust was perfectly textured and baked to perfection. As I broke the crust with my fork, I could hear the crispiness of it. As I opened the crust more, it revealed a semi-thick, creamy filling that had the sweetest of smells.

The pie is made at the cafe with fresh ingredients that consist of chunks of potato, large pieces of chicken, and a handful of peas, carrots, and corn. According to Mark Forninash, the owner, the process of making the pies takes about three hours each day. I would highly recommend it to anyone in search of a bowl of happiness, or simply a delicious meal.

Along with the phenomenal chicken potpie, I enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie. According to the owner, the chocolate chip cookies are baked fresh by pastry chefs in the restaurant.

The cookie was the size of my head and loaded with enormous chocolate chunks. It was baked to a crispy yet chewy perfection. This dessert was an absolute delight. Even if it did not come with my meal, I would not have been able to resist purchasing one. These delicious baked goods were displayed near the register, behind the glass, in such an alluring way that I felt as if I needed one.

Overall, I would highly recommend trying Cafe Moxo if you ever have the chance to. Their food is made so fresh you can taste it, the employees are extremely friendly, and the atmosphere is very comfortable.

Also, a place like this is perfect for college students who have exhausted all the food options in the cafeteria and are in search of a good ‘home-cooked’ meal.

Cafe Moxo is located at 411 East Adams Street and is open from 6:30 a.m.-3 p.m. For those not willing to make the trip, they also offer delivery.

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