SGA introduces resolution against Friday classes

John Kurecki, Features Reporter


The Student Government Association (SGA) met for the last time in the spring 2016 semester on May 1, where they discussed multiple resolutions before the incoming SGA members met.

-The outgoing SGA discussed a resolution to use expiring funds to renovate the atrium in the PAC. The resolution calls for the use of $8,000 from the reserve budget and $1,500 from the general SGA budget to purchase various upgrades to the area, including new furniture and televisions. The allocation is subject to approval by the vice chancellor for Student Affairs.

-Another resolution, SP16-24, called for the creation of a Committee on Legislative Affairs. The committee will be responsible for creating legislation based on discussion points from SGA members. The resolution states, “the current body of Senators have played a minimal role in the creation and drafting of resolutions.” SP16-24 aims to encourage senators to get involved with drafting legislation, and consists of senators and an appointed chair of the committee. The chair is appointed by the SGA president and “will serve at the pleasure of the president.”

-The incoming SGA members discussed two proposed resolutions: a petition against Friday classes and the creation of a Student Employment Task Force. As discussed in Resolution 1, the SGA stands against Friday classes, due to the belief that it could take away valuable opportunities from students. Per guidelines in the resolution, an email will be sent out to students to requesting them to sign a petition against the implementation of Friday classes. Resolution also stated that “this SGA take[s] a firm stance against the University and vehemently petitions against the adoption of Friday classes.” Resolution 1 is sponsored by SGA President Austin Mehmet and co-sponsored by Student Trustee Nathan Hoffman.

-Resolution 2, entitled “Formation of the Student Employment Task Force” is sponsored by Senator Kaelan Smith and is aimed at addressing the employment of students at the university. The task force will “address flaws or concerns in the student employment system of the university.”

-Incoming SGA President Austin Mehmet filled several appointee positions. Dominic Chippano was appointed external vice president, Grant Gustafson was appointed parliamentarian, Alicia Woodman was appointed Student Organization Funding Association chair, and Raven Wilson was appointed Student Activities Committee chair.

The next SGA meeting will occur during the fall semester of 2016.