La Fiesta reviewed: Not what I expected

Tiffany Chin, Photographer

In search for authentic Mexican food, I went to La Fiesta. La Fiesta is a restaurant on Stevenson Drive, less than a five minute drive from campus. After hearing great things about this place, I decided to go there for lunch.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed the loud décor.

The restaurant was colorful and decorated along every inch of the wall, resembling a Tex-Mex restaurant.

Contradictory to the décor, the atmosphere was very calm. The staff was kind, but not very interactive or energetic. The restaurant was also fairly empty and was not filled with the aroma of food, which should have been an immediate red flag.

After being seated, I reviewed the very limited menu.

It was only one page, front and back. I was hoping for horchata – a traditional drink served in most Mexican restaurants – but it was not on the menu. The waiter also only offered fountain drinks.

After taking our orders, the waiter brought us chips and salsa.

The chips and salsa did not seem to be homemade, which was fine, but is decidedly different from other restaurants I have been to before. The salsa was also left out for too long. I was unable to pour it out of the container because of the film that formed around it.

I ordered from the lunch menu. I got the number three, which came with an enchilada, taco, rice, and beans, and number 10, which came with a quesadilla, enchilada, and chalupa. Each plate came with one of each item.

I was immediately disappointed once presented with the food. The appearance was not enticing and the food was definitely not authentic Mexican cuisine.

The taco contained ground beef, lettuce, and tomato, and was served in a hard shell. It resembled a taco from Taco Bell. Authentic Mexican tacos are commonly made with carne asada (skirt steak), onion, cilantro, and served on corn tortillas.

I quickly accepted my disappointment and decided to try the food anyway. Everything on the plate was bland. Again, I was severely disappointed. I searched for hot sauce, salsa verde or anything that could have helped, but nothing was available.

The bill was $19.60, which I reluctantly paid. Considering the amount and quality of the food, it was not worth it. The number three was $5.99, number 10 was $6.49, and the two fountain drinks were $2.75 each.

I definitely will never come back here.