Authentic Mexican cuisine at Taqueria Moroleon


Photographs courtesy of Tiffany Chin

Traditional Mexican dishes are served to customers at Taqueria Moroleon.

Tiffany Chin, Photographer

Ladies and gentlemen, the endless taco search has finally paid off. On Ninth Street, there is a new restaurant that serves real tacos.

Taqueria Moroleon is a restaurant that is located in the building that was formerly known as Sunrise Donuts.

The restaurant is decorated with simple, but festive décor. They offer counter, booth, and table seating in a small dining area.

While I was there, the dining area was completely filled and extremely loud with a mixture of noises from the kitchen, televisions, and people dining. The loud environment brought me back to the days of eating in my high school cafeteria.

As I walked in, a waitress carried plates of food to a table. Immediately, I was relieved and felt the excitement inside me brewing.

It looked and smelled like authentic Mexican food. My mouth was watering and my curiosity about their tacos was uncontainable.

I quickly seated myself at the only empty table and was followed there by a waitress.

She took my drink order and brought out a basket of homemade chips with a variety of salsas. My excitement, happiness, and hope for this place reached unbelievable levels.

I ordered an horchata, two steak tacos, and an al pastor torta.

An authentic Mexican taco consists of meat, onion, and cilantro, spread on two corn tortillas. Commonly, it is served with lime on the side.

My favorite way to have tacos is to squeeze fresh lime juice over the taco and pour a small amount of verde, a green sauce, on it.

An al pastor torta is a Mexican sandwich that is made with pork, and horchata is a traditionally milky drink commonly made of rice water.

Everything was flavorful, absolutely delicious, and beautifully crafted.

I was happy with the food, but not too fond of the prices. The tacos were $2.15 each, the horchata was $2.75, and the torta was $7.75.

The tacos and horchata were priced decently, but the torta was pricey compared to Chicago, where they are usually $5-6 and are served with rice and beans. At Taqueria Moroleon, the sandwich is served alone.

Overall, I believe that this is the most authentic place I will find in Springfield. I definitely intend to return here frequently.

If you are in search of real tacos or other authentic Mexican foods, I would suggest Taqueria Moroleon. It is located on 1101 S. Ninth Street and is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.