Mary Jane’s Café set to reopen as replacement for Stars Lounge


Photographs courtesy of Megan Swett

Currently closed Mary Jane's Café in the lower level of Brookens Library


The Stars Lounge, currently located in the Student Life Building (SLB), will be moving from its present location by the end of the spring semester to both the Mary Jane’s Café on the lower level of Brookens Library and the Public Affairs Center (PAC) Restaurant. 

This change comes as the exercise science program at UIS continues to expand, resulting in a need for more space. The Stars Lounge, along with the SLB Multipurpose Room, will be remodeled to address this need.

The move will take place between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the summer session, with plans for Stars Lounge to be functioning in time for summer orientation which begins in June. 

The move of Stars Lounge to Mary Jane’s Café was chosen because the new location provides the plumbing, wiring, and food service operation set-up necessary for Stars Lounge operations. 

The food which was sold in Stars Lounge will be sold at the Mary Jane’s Café location. 

Moreover, the new location will allow for more coffee options to be provided to students than what has been available in the past since the former Mary Jane’s Café specialized in coffee. 

The gaming portion of Stars Lounge, including two pool tables, a foosball table, five Xbox stations, TVs, as well as the couches, tables, and chairs will be moved to the current PAC Restaurant.

Snack items such as soda, chips, and candy will be sold from both locations. 

This move is intended to benefit both the university and students. 

Students will have two different environments in which to spend their free time – both of which will be closer to the center of campus – and the university will be able to increase enrollment and accommodate its new programs.

By having Stars Lounge located on the library’s lower level, it offers students that are studying an option to have beverages and snacks while they study or do research in the upper levels of the library. 

The Mary Jane’s Café location will provide a quieter atmosphere, while the PAC Restaurant will provide the energy and excitement of a typical game room.

The full completion of the project is set to take place by the beginning of fall, just as fall classes are set to begin.