New Executive Director of UIS Student Union announced


Photographs courtesy of Tiffany Chin

Ann Comerford, the new director of the Student Union

Ann T. Comerford has been announced as the new executive director of the UIS Student Union. Comerford acquired over 25 years of work experience in higher education, including her time as director of University Union at Western Illinois.

With a Bachelors of Science from Quincy University, and a master’s degree in education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Comerford is excited and ready to help everyone engage with the Student Union so that they “put their stamp on it; make it UIS.”

Comerford’s passion for student life began when she was a student, herself. She was heavily involved on campus, serving as a resident assistant for a year, working on the programming board, and even working on orientation.

Comerford said, “I loved that, I loved all of that. So, I started looking for jobs on college campuses. I love college campuses.” Once she graduated, Quincy hired her as a hall director.

Since the union is a new space for students, faculty, and staff, Comerford has a few goals in mind. She would like the union to be “a place for celebration, debate, food, and interaction – a place that furthers education, people learning about the environment and their impact and their footprint.”

Comerford even believes that the union will draw in people from the community, including students from all over the world, giving them the chance to see Springfield and vice versa; a town and gown relationship.

Comerford sees being the new director as a professional challenge, as well as opportunity to have fun.

Comerford said, “If people have ideas, I want to hear ideas. I think this is an opportunity, so let’s not lose it.”

Currently, Comerford’s office is in UHB 1057; a temporary space until the Union opens its doors January 2018. She can be reached on her office line: (217)206-8611, or at her e-mail address: [email protected]