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Club Profile: The Research Society at UIS

A supportive, creative, and involved scientific group

Student presents his project at NCUR 2017

Student presents his project at NCUR 2017

Photo from Research Society facebook page

Photo from Research Society facebook page

Student presents his project at NCUR 2017


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Interested in researching a subject but don’t know where to start? The Research Society at UIS provides training and funding for all forms of undergraduate research – scientific or not. 

Frances Shen, Associate Professor of Psychology Department, says that the group provides numerous resources, including workshops, mentorships with experienced faculty members, and up to $1,000 in financial assistance to help a student’s research project get off the ground.

Research in all fields is essential for students no matter the field, says Dr. Shen. The Research Society is one of the best ways for students to engage with the academic process, which will ultimately further their studies.

“There have been research showing that students who get engaged with undergraduate projects tend to perform better academically and pursue more advance degrees later,” she said.

Shen mentioned that her personal experiences in college motivated her to be a part of this program.

“When I was undergraduate, students were also encouraged to get involved in research,” she said. “I wasn’t very sure if I would be interested, but I finally had a positive experience, and eventually did my own research project in my senior year.”

“Doing researches was life-changing, and that’s why I love to work with undergraduate students and try to promote it on our campus.”

Faculty members involved in the society take time from their own research projects and teaching responsibilities in order mentor students one-on-one.

Keenan Dungey, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research and Institutional Effectiveness and Associate Professor in Chemistry Department, said that although it’s hard finding time to work with students, it’s all worth it.

“It had been a challenge for us to work with students because we also have other teaching responsibilities, but it can be rewarding to work with students to see them mature and develop into researchers, scientists, or scholars,” Dungey said.

Kaylan Mills, treasurer of The Research Society, says that the group is best for students who are highly motivated, independent, and willing to learn.

“This is a supportive, creative, and involved group,” she said.

Human Subjects Research and the Institutional Review Process event will be held on Thursday, October 12, 4:30 p.m to 6p.m at UHB 1006. Further information on the Research Society can be found on the UIS connection website or on their Facebook page.

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Club Profile: The Research Society at UIS