SGA members voice dissent over possible Friday classes

SGA members voice dissent over possible Friday classes

The possibility of Friday classes embroiled the Student Government Association (SGA) in a hot debate during their Oct. 8 meeting. The Journal has previously reported that campus officials are planning to extend student course schedules from Mondays-Thursdays to Mondays-Fridays starting Fall 2018. Instead of two-hour-and-fifteen-minute classes per week, the new schedule would have students take three 50-minute classes.

Members of SGA, including Student Trustee Edwin Robles and Internal Vice President Rosie Dawoud, spoke out against the proposed changes, saying that the current schedule is what sets UIS apart from other universities.

“If it’s one of the things that keeps the University unique and sets us apart from other U of I campuses then I want to speak on that,” said Dawoud. “Because I do not agree with the Friday classes.”

She added that in her position as student ambassador, she’s noticed that the Monday-Thursday schedule is an extra incentive for prospective students to apply.

The University has previously stated that the change was driven by the need to make “optimal use of increasingly scarce classroom space,” while still keeping “the quality of teaching” consistent.

Also discussed at the SGA meeting:

Office of Graduate Intern Programs presented a briefing on the Illinois legislative staff intern program, which consists of a full-time paid internship. This program, along with the Graduate Public Services Internship Program, is a way for students to gain practical experience while earning a degree.

UIS Provost, Dennis Papini, announced the possible transition to a new course management system, Campus. The new system would replace Blackboard. Faculty members are currently running trial runs of Campus and are giving feedback.

External Vice President, Zambito, proposed an animal waste management plan for students with emotional support animals on campus.

Treasurer Christopher Vemagiri Marbaniang will be electing a chair and new president for the Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA). The elected students will be primarily responsible for allocating University funds to student organizations.

For questions, comments or concerns visit the Student Life Building (SLB 16) or email the SGA President Garrett Nimmo at [email protected]