Broadening cultural horizons through dance


Photographs courtesy of Photo provided by Melody (Chinese) Organization UISConnection page

2017 dance troupe performs at UIS 39th annual International Festival

The Melody (Chinese) Dance Organization is one of the many ways students can come together, make friends, and even learn about a new culture.

The organization largely puts on dance performances based on Eastern Chinese Classical Dance and performs at the yearly International Festival. The group is actually named after its president, Melody (Dan) Wu, a Junior and Psychology major.

Wu has studied classical Chinese dance for 10 years. Given that she’s the campus expert on the subject, she decided to name her new dance group after herself.

“I am the only one that can do the Chinese classical dance on this campus,” she said. “So I formed this group after my name.”

So far, the organization has been a great way to teach students a new style of dance.

“Many of the students said to me that they really like that [the dance or performance] and they want to have a professional training,” she said. “They want to join the international festival as well. So I decided to help those people who love dance and get together to exercise. Or to just discuss about dance “

But, the group isn’t just about dance. It’s a way for students to come together and learn more about Chinese culture.

Students of all backgrounds and knowledge of dance are welcome to join. There are currently eight students in the group, all of whom have some form of Asian ancestry.

“All students can join. I want more people to know about Chinese dance culture and history. I want to advertise for our own culture,” Wu said.

Though the group doesn’t have designated days and times for their practices, Wu says they try to practice between 2-3 days per week in The Recreational and Athletics Center (TRAC) and/or the Student Life Multipurpose Building (SLB).

The group will perform at the upcoming International Festival on Nov. 3.

If you are interested in joining the Melody (Chinese) Dance Organization, you can contact the president at [email protected]