Student organization gets ‘loud’ for animal rights


Photographs courtesy of Image courtesy of Loud for Animals


Do you love animals and have an interest in veganism? The UIS club Loud for Animals might be for you.

The primary goal of the organization is to promote the education of students on animal rights and other issues through community events. Right now, the organization is prioritizing student choice in dissections–the ability of students to opt out of animal dissections or to have other options such as virtual dissection. 

The organization is fairly new to UIS, having only been formed in the spring of this year by president and co-founder, Alicia Madden. Madden, a sophomore biology major, formed the organization with her friends after she began reaching out to the administration about student choice.

“When I was a senior in high school, I was just a regular person, ate meat, wore leather, that was my thing,” she said. “We had this project in biology where we had to collect insects, when we collected one, we had to kill it. When I put this Japanese beetle in a bottle of nail polish, and it suffocated for twenty minutes, I realized animals could really suffer.

“I had to kill animals before I could realize how much I loved them.”

She said that the best part of being a member of Loud for Animals is that it is a ” good way to be a part of something, that unites many different people and motivates them.”

There are currently roughly 30 members, with a fair mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors from a variety of majors.  Madden made clear that the group is welcome to new members.

“We just love to talk about how great animals are,” she said.

Future events will include information sessions on animal rights, volunteer opportunities at local animal shelters, and possibly a T-shirt dog toy drive, braiding t-shirts into dog toys for sale.