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2016 thriller is ‘Nerve’-wracking, takes truth or dare to the max


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On July 27, 2016, the most underrated and under promoted film of all time was released. I was present in the theater on its opening night, solely because my best friend invited me to see it. As a movie buff, I was hesitant because I had never heard of the film. 

However, after only a few minutes, I knew the film I was going to change my life. Needless to say, I left the theater with my mind blown. 

Nerve , the 2016 summer blockbuster, revolves around Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts). 

Vee is a high school senior who falls victim to peer pressure when asked to play a game called Nerve. Nerve is a popular online game that challenges its players to accept a series of dares. 

However, the dares are addicting, and get increasingly more dangerous as the game progresses. 

Although I won’t spoil the film, the game takes a sinister turn, leaving Vee fighting to survive.

Along with Get Out, Nerve is the only film in which I have walked out of the theater in a stupor. 

I was completely mind blown by the film’s acting and storyline. 

Nerve is ranked “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, 93 perent liked by Google Users, and 100 percent certified fresh on the Desiree Scale! This makes it even more of a shame that the film is very unheard of. We can only hope one day that the film becomes a cult classic!

But, Nerve has its “potential flaws”. 

The beginning of the film is very stereotypical. The way the high schoolers are portrayed is cliched: Football players as jerks, cheerleaders as sex symbols, and tech guys as nerds. It would have been nice to see more depth in those areas. 

The end is the cheesiest ending to a film that I have ever seen.  With the middle of the film being the strongest, I was very disappointed with how they chose to end all of that action. 

Also, it is very hard to believe that Emma Roberts, Machine Gun Kelly, Dave Franco, and the rest of the cast are high school seniors, seeing that they are all in their late twenties/early thirties in real life. 

The film can also be a bit hard to follow, but only if you’re not paying attention. However, all of these factors will be overlooked because of how perfect this film is as a whole. 

All of the actors in Nerve do a perfect job of portraying their characters in a realistic way. However, this film does have a stand out actor, Machine Gun Kelly, who plays Ty, the main antagonist. 

His look alone: tattoos, style, hair, etc., set him up to portray the villain perfectly. However, the diction and charm he puts into his character is what makes his performance stand above the rest. 

For example, there is a scene in the film in which Ty is flirting with Sydney (Emily Meade). He was seducing the audience with the way he was talking to her and his body language (licking his lips, eyebrow raises, etc.). 

His performance was so phenomenal that it lead me looking him up immediately following the film. He was the only main actor in the film that I had never heard of, and I wanted to see what else he starred in. 

Long story short, this lead to me finding out he was a famous rapper, and he has been my favorite rapper ever since. 

This also confirms that the acting abilities of music personalities do not disappoint. They can perform just as well as actors, if not better, from personal viewing experience. 

The final point I will make is that the storyline of this film is by far the most creative storyline of any film I’ve ever viewed. 

The writers of Nerve did such a wonderful job with the story, and it is something that has never been done before. 

Nerve’s concept is truth or dare, without the truth. The concepts of players (the people playing Nerve) and watchers (the people watching Nerve), are also just as well thought out. 

Running at 96 minutes, this film goes by in a snap, due to the well written action scenes that make it feel that way. The writers also designed a film that leaves a lasting feeling in one’s mind, and has powerful messages about peer pressure all sewn through it. 

All in all, Nerve is a can’t-miss film. There is so much more I could say to try and give this film justice. The film also has some of the best humor and special effects, but in Nerve terms again, you’ll have to be a watcher to find out!

Overall Rating- Five out of Five Stars 

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2016 thriller is ‘Nerve’-wracking, takes truth or dare to the max